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Our Favourite Blue Wallpapers

Our Favourite Blue Wallpapers
As summer is slowly coming to an end but keeping the sunny feeling at home is always relevant, we wanted to deep dive in the summer coastal interior vibes just before the autumn comes. When we think about summer and coastal interior style, we definitely think of blue as the first color that pops in our mid. Blue is also one of the interior all time classic colors, and because of its wide range of hues, the possibilities in decorating with this color are endless. In this blog post we will be going through some of our favorite blue wallpaper designs and meaning behind the different shades of blue and where they might be the most suitable based on their characteristics.


Blue Contemporary Tiger Print Wallpaper Bathroom Interior
A very common space where we might see blue in the interior a lot is the bathroom and powder room. Because blue is associated with water, ocean, it is a perfect color for a coastal bathroom interior style that gives a beach holiday atmosphere. If you are looking for a bolder blue wallpaper design, then our new  Blue Contemporary Tiger Print Wallpaper in denim blue and white from our Beach House Collection is a daring choice for a unique bathroom interior design featuring beachy wallpaper. 
Blue Wooden Tile Design Wallpaper

Another one of our new coastal wallpaper designs, giving a very chic tiled bathroom wallpaper look is our Blue Wooden Tile Design Wallpaper in denim blue and off white from our Coastal & Nautical Collection. Being a lighter shade of blue, denim creates a vibrant and bright interior look that can gives a sense of relaxation in the interior. Pair it with neutral tones to create a luxurious bathroom interior that give a retreat holiday feeling. If you are looking for more wallpaper design options for a bathroom interior, visit our Bathroom Wallpaper collection.


Vintage Cocktail Party In Blue Design Wallpaper
Blue is probably the second most popular color choice for a kitchen interior after white. And no wonder, as it creates a classic and calming atmosphere without being too overwhelming. However, if you are looking to add a blue wow factor detail in your kitchen design, our  Vintage Cocktail Party In Blue Design Wallpaper from the Beach House Collection can give you just that. Combining different shades of brighter and darker blue, this design will add a touch of fun, pop of color and a confident and uplifting pattern.
Geometric Blue Marble Wallpaper
For a more traditional, yet eye-catching blue coastal wallpaper design option, our Geometric Blue Marble Wallpaper from the Coastal & Nautical Collection can give the kitchen interior a touch of modern coastal vibe throughout all seasons. Including a mix of cobalt and darker blue shades, this wallpaper design gives a rich and bright look for a refreshing and energizing atmosphere. For more wallpaper designs for kitchen interior, visit our Kitchen Wallpaper collection.


Blue Palm Leaves Design Removable Wallpaper

With tropical and coastal styles being trendy this year, bringing a touch of a sunny resort feeling in your bedroom, can create a restful and luxurious atmosphere. And as softer, lighter blue gives a calming atmosphere and has positive effects on both our mood and physical health, it is a perfect color choice for a bedroom interior. Our Blue Palm Leaves Design Removable Wallpaper from the Coastal & Nautical Collection as seen in the photo above can bring the feeling of the tropical outdoors inside, to give a chic and bright holiday feeling in a bedroom interior featuring luxury coastal wallpaper.

Toile Pattern Removable Wallpaper Bedroom Ceiling Design
Give your bedroom blue skies with a unique touch by adding wallpaper to the ceiling. Above we can see the gorgeous blue bedroom project by  Samantha where she has created a stunning ceiling design with our Toile Pattern Removable Wallpaper from the Floral & Botanical Wallpaper collection. We love how Samantha has used the soft blue tones to create a dreamy atmosphere for relaxation. If you would like to learn more about installing wallpaper on the ceiling for a statement design detail, visit our How To Wallpaper A Ceiling: Best Tips To Follow blog post for tips and more information.

Kids Bedroom

Rain Blue Paintbrush Maze Wallpaper

The choice of wallpaper color and design not only affects the interior look but it has an impact on the mood set in the room as well. As blue is seen as a soothing and calming color, it is often used in office interiors as it is said to help concentrate, which makes it one of the best colors for a kids bedroom interior as well to improve learning process during school time. Furthermore blue is often the color of choice for kids bedroom interior for boys and above we can see a charming kids bedroom design by Bloom Family Designs with the Rain Blue Paintbrush Maze Removable Wallpaper from the Kids Removable Wallpaper collection.

Chinese Waves And Blue Whale Pattern Kids Room Interior
Lighter blue and baby blue wallpaper designs can be a perfect choice for a toddlers bedroom that later on works great in a kids bedroom as well.  Make sure to visit our Blue Kids Wallpaper collection for more cool wallpaper for boys room. Blue is often thought a color suitable for boys' bedrooms, however, as it is often the most loved color between both genders, it makes for a great choice for girls' bedrooms as well, combined with shades of feminine tones such as pink. Baby blue can be a more playful yet peaceful color choice that is associated with youth and that in interior goes very well with beige hues, whites and gold. Above we can see a beautiful and fun blue girls bedroom by  Laney with a touch of pink and a combination of our Chinese Wave Pattern Removable Wallpaper and Blue Whale Pattern Ocean Theme Wallpaper creating a gorgeous coastal style girls bedroom interior.

Living Room 

Minimal Navy Lines Wallpaper

If we think about the living room interior and incorporating blue color, then navy blue can be a great option as it will provide a calm energy while giving a chic and classy look. And there is nothing better than returning home after a stressful day, and feeling peaceful with friends and family while enjoying an evening together in the living room. In the photo above we can see our stylish Minimal Navy Lines Wallpaper from our Coastal & Nautical Collection that gives eye-catching details and pops of navy blue color for those who love lines in interior design.

Blue Geometric Drawing Lines Wallpaper
For a brighter design that could be perfect for a smaller living room area to create an illusion of more space, our Blue Geometric Drawing Lines Wallpaper from our  Modern Mediterranean Collection offers both a touch of navy blue detail and plenty of white to bring more light inside. If you are looking to add dimension to a smaller space and would love to check out more of our wallpaper design with stripes, visit our Stripe Wallpaper collection.
We hope this blog post showing our favorite blue wallpaper designs will give you inspiration for a coastal, Mediterranean interior style to enjoy during all seasons. If you would like to check out more wallpaper options in the coastal style, visit our Beach House Collection and for more stylish Mediterranean theme wallpaper designs visit our Modern Mediterranean Collection. Or if blue is your interior color of choice, visit our Blue Wallpaper collection for more beautiful designs to choose from.


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