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Top 10 Projects Where To Use Commercial Wallpaper

Top 10 Projects Where To Use Commercial Wallpaper
Giving a commercial space some pop of color in a an eye-catching design with wallpaper for commercial use is a perfect way to, for example, attract interest and customer by having an interior that stand out from the crowd, or, for example, give your employees a joyful and uplifting atmosphere for a productive work day. When it comes to public spaces, the best wallpaper type for commercial interiors is commercial grade wallpaper as it has a higher durability against wear and tear. Modern commercial wallpaper can be used in many commercial projects, but in this blog post we will be going through 10 top projects where to use commercial wallcovering.

Business Offices

London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper In Black And Off White Office Entryway
Without factors such as lighting and furniture, office high performance wallcovering can influence and play a big part in creating a functional and welcoming office space as well. If you are looking for a wow factor dazzling office interior design, then using wallpaper to cover the ceiling in a style as Hammer And Harmony have done in the gorgeous office design above with our London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper In Black And Off White from the Mid-Century Modern Collection can definitely give the interior a special atmosphere and dazzle its guests from the moment of entering the building.
 When it comes to work, we often can find ourselves looking for some inspiration, therefore, having an office space where long hours daily are spent not only should feel comfortable but aesthetically pleasing without being too distracting to feel inspired and enhance productivity. Moreover, in a place where tables and chairs can often be knocked against the wall, a durable wallcovering such as commercial grade type II wallpaper is the perfect professional solution for a long lasting wall design. If you would like to browse more options for commercial office wallpaper, visit our Office Wallpaper and find your perfect wallpaper for business.

Restaurants, Cafes And Bars

One of the most popular ways to increase sales of a restaurant, cafe or a bar is to create a fun, wow factor commercial interior with loads of pop of color to draw attention. And now an eye-catching commercial wallpaper, that is more durable for wear and tear, for restaurants that just makes you want to take your phone and post a photo on social media is the necessity to attract new customers.
Simple Herringbone Removable Wallpaper In Black Restaurant Interior
Options vary from bold and colorful statement commercial wallpaper designs to more elegant yet attractive designs such as our Simple Herringbone Removable Wallpaper In Black from the  Mid-Century Modern Collection as seen in the dazzling bar and grill project by My Studio ID above. If you are looking for more options for a commercial restaurant wallpaper, visit our Food-Themed Wallpaper collection to find your commercial kitchen wallpaper.


The main goal to attract clients to a hotel is to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. And as much as the service is important to the whole experience, having a beautiful, warm and cozy interior that makes you feel like at a luxurious home, might just be the key for guests to return. Commercial hotel wallpaper can be a perfect option to turn even the most uninspiring and dull spaces into a unique and attractive atmosphere.  Our Modern Luxury wallpaper collection design selection will be just perfect for that. 
In a place that can have high traffic and guests accidentally bumping into walls with different objects and most frequently luggage, having a durable wallcovering as commercial grade wallpaper will give your hotel a beautiful wall design that will last longer. Furthermore commercial interior wallpaper can transform any boutique hotel into a charming oasis in any style starting from a Modern Victorian commercial hotel wall covering to a Modern Farmhouse commercial real estate wallpaper. To learn more about our commercial wallpaper, visit our Commercial Grade Type II Wallpaper page.


Tropical Palm Leaves Commercial Wallpaper Retail Design
Commercial use wallpaper is also a perfect way to add character and theme to a shop, that would build interest and attract visitors. Furthermore commercial textured wallpaper can create an ambiance that might make your shop visitors feel welcomed and stay longer. In the photo above we can see the beautiful tropical themed shop design with our Tropical Palm Leaves Removable Wallpaper in custom color - Mint & White from the Tropical Wallpaper collection that makes for an eye-catching accent wall.


Classic Plaid Commercial Wallpaper Library Interior
As often the atmosphere we are in determines our inspiration and productivity a commercial wall covering can be a perfect choice to recreate the mood of, for example, schools library, to add a little color and pattern for brighter thoughts as seen in the project by Ann above with our Large Checkers Removable Wallpaper in custom color - Canyon from our Bright & Modern Collection. For fun commercial wall covering for pre-school interior, check out our Kids Removable Wallpaper collection. However, if you might be looking for a geometric commercial wall covering for a mathematics or physics class interior, visit our Geometric Wallpaper collection.

Healthcare Facilities

It is said that a thoughtfully designed interior in a healthcare facility or a clinic can improve the healing process, patients mood and health, making them feel comfortable. As commercial wallpaper design is often used in dental facilities, especially kids dental spaces, it is also an easy way to noticeably change the mood in the space by giving it some color and pattern that would be both calming and uplifting to increase the patient's and kids positive feeling. Furthermore, wallpaper that is thicker and stronger against scratches and tears such as commercial grade type II wallpaper in a space that can have many accidental bumps with different objects against the wall, is the professional solution for a longer lasting wall design. If you are looking for a calming and light commercial wallpaper design, visit our Elegant Neutrals Collection. For children's hospitals and dental facilities, you can find joyful and uplifting commercial wallpaper design in our Kids Removable Wallpaper collection.

Beauty Salons and Spa

Tropical Commercial Wallpaper Beauty Salon Interior
Plain and dull walls can feel sad and tiresome that would not only feel unwelcoming for clients but be uninspiring for work and not motivate for the best results. Creating a design with a luxury commercial wallpaper that your clients will remember can attract return visits and a good word of mouth further. You can choose to create a charming Floral & Botanical atmosphere with commercial modern floral wallpaper or choose to create a Tropical theme as seen in the photo above and choose tropical commercial wallpaper. We love how Frankie & Co. Salon has created a gorgeous, feminine tropical vibe in their interior with our Large Palm Leaf Wallpaper In Mist Color from the Tropical Wallpaper collection.

Museums And Art Studios

Although museums and art studios hold some of the greatest artwork and historical pieces that is the main focus in the space, commercial wall art and custom commercial wallpaper can allow you to create and set the mood for the visit from the moment guests enter the building. Visit our Foyer Wallpaper collection and our  Wall Murals collection to find the perfect commercial wallpaper or commercial wallpaper murals to create an entryway or foyer that would give the taste of the theme for your visitors from the start of their visit.

Commercial Restroom

London Metro Lines Commercial Wallpaper Bar Restroom Interior Design
Creating a pleasant atmosphere in a restroom of a restaurant, bar, office or any other commercial space is important for its guests to feel comfortable in. An easy way to give the space a completely different atmosphere that would make it feel more welcoming and intimate is to use commercial bathroom wallpaper for a long lasting modern wallcovering design. Above we can see a beautiful black and white commercial wallcovering example in a chic bar restroom design by Jacy Painter Kelly Interiors with our London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper In Black And Off White from the Mid-Century Modern Collection showing how versatile this wallpaper design can be. For more commercial bathroom wallpaper design options visit our Bathroom & Powder Room Wallpaper collection.


As gyms are more often very large spaces, a large pattern commercial wall covering or commercial mural wallcovering would be a perfect choice for these spaces. Furthermore, as gyms are very high traffic facilities, where heavy objects can get knocked in walls frequently, a professional wallpaper solution such as commercial grade wallpaper, can ensure an eye-catching and more long lasting solution. If you are looking to add some fun and an energizing vibe to the space then options for cool wallpaper for commercial spaces can be found in our Bright & Modern Collection and our Wall Murals collection.
If you have been looking for best wall covering materials and high performance wallpaper to give you commercial space a character and unique design, we hope this blog post showing top 10 projects where to use a commercial wallpaper, will give you inspiration of using our type 2 non vinyl commercial wall covering. If you would like to learn more about commercial grade wallpaper, visit our What Is Commercial Grade Wallcovering blog post. And to find out more about differences between commercial and residential wallpaper, visit our Difference Between Residential And Commercial Wallpaper blog post.
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