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Elegant and modern pastel interiors inspiration
It seems that pastels make their comeback every spring, both in fashion and interior design, and we can't complain! Pastel color schemes make interiors both – soothing and fun. Pastels are like a colorful version of neutrals – not as loud and bold as the bright colors – that's why they work so well in interior design and match different styles and themes. And still – pastels represent playfulness, fun and are like a grown-up version of colorful interiors. How come you do not love them? No wonder the Danish Pastels interior design aesthetic is becoming more and more popular – light and cheerful pastel colors combined with a Scandi balance of clean-lined silhouettes and organic, curved lines are just so pleasing to the eye.
We've put together three pastel interiors inspiration mood boards with wallpaper designs from our new Danish Pastels Wallpaper Collection to embrace the Danish way of design and living – keeping it minimal while still colorful and full of joy.


Gender neutral pastel nursery interior inspiration

Pastel colors are perfect for nursery interiors – they allow to create a calming setting for a new baby. And this pastel's nursery interior is just that – a cloud of calm, Scandinavian simplicity and sweetness.

Trending Candy Terrazzo Design Removable Wallpaper in soft pastels is not only eye candy but also a practical choice for nursery interiors because it's gender-neutral and versatile enough to grow together with your child. Designed for modern families portable Origami Mini Crib in light green pastels is minimalistic and matches the subtle nursery design. With its compact size, flowing silhouette, and soft sheepskin upholstery iconic Little Petra lounge chair will be a cozy and dreamy addition to the nursery. Little Petra's simple, organic appearance is a lovable example of the Danish funkis style of the 1930s. Tufted Basket in light sage is another soft, cozy, and practical addition to the room. Round shapes suit nurseries – that's why we've chosen the Petit Palais side table in pink pastels. It continues the pastels theme and is a prime example of modern Scandinavian simplicity which also has an air of luxury and elegance – same as the iconic Flowerpot VP7 pendant in beige. The joyful Flowerpot lamp was inspired by peace, love, and the Flower Power era of the 60s. Retro-inspired Once Upon A Dream Wall Art will be a cute addition to the nursery's dreamy pastels theme just like the Safari Cushion - Lion – for lovely comfort at naptime.

Shop the look:

1. Candy Terrazzo Design Removable Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper

2. Flowerpot VP7 Pendant | Finnish Design Shop

3. Once Upon A Dream Wall Art | Anthropologie

4. Safari Cushion - Lion | Ferm Living

5. Origami Mini Crib | Project Nursery

6. Petit Palais Side Table | Finnish Design Shop

7. Peach Tufted Basket | Anthropologie

8. Little Petra lounge chair | Finnish Design Shop


Eclectic danish pastels living room interior inspiration

Danish Pastels design aesthetics allow us to play with different interior styles, mixing shapes and patterns to create a playful and eclectic interior. The base colors for this living room interior are lavender, pale yellow, and pastel blue combined with accent pieces in a trending bright green color.
We chose the retro-inspired Minimal Mint Lines Removable Wallpaper for this living room interior. Its geometric and minimal design creates a subtle look and is a perfect canvas that can be combined with brighter colored pieces and complement them in the interior. Center piece of this interior is the lilac color Naïve Sofa. Sculptural forms are one of the characteristics of Danish Pastels aesthetics, and this sofa checks the box. The Normann Copenhagen Bit stool is another sculptural piece in this room. Its made of recycled plastic and is a delightfully distinct multi-purpose piece of furniture that acts as a seat, side table, and stand for flowers and green plants. The theme continues with the Oval Blob Mirror – one of most playful pieces of this interior. Light yellow retro-inspired IKEA glass-door cabinet Fabrikor is a sample of Scandinavian design. It allows you to showcase and display books, decorative pieces and other fun interior elements of your choice.
We chose the iconic Flowerpot VP9 table lamp designed by Verner Panton and Vitra Rotary tray in bright green, which is the accent color for this interior. The green Checkerboard Rug with its trending pattern is just the mising addition to create Danish pastels interior look. Let’s finish this interior with Scandinavian design pieces that fit naturaly in this scandi inspired pastels interior. Two vases from one of the top danish design brands HAY – distinctive, sculptural ceramic W&S Chubby vase and unique swirled pattern Splash Vase. Marimekko’s Pieni Unikko cushion cover features Maija Isola’s iconic floral pattern in natural shades of cotton and light blue, and Muuto's Kink Vase in the same blue shade are two more samples of classic Scandinavian design to complete this living room interior.

Shop the look:

1. Minimal Mint Lines Removable Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper

2. W&S Chubby vase | HAY

3. Oval Blob Mirror | Lotta Blobs

4. Flowerpot VP9 Portable Table Lamp | Finnish Design Shop

5. Fabrikor Glass-door Cabinet | IKEA

6. Splash Vase | HAY

7. Marimekko Pieni Unikko cushion | Finnish Design Shop

8. Naïve Sofa | EMKO

9. Vitra Rotary Tray | Finnish Design Shop

10. Bit Stool | Finnish Design Shop

11. Kink Vase | Danish Design Shop

12. Checkerboard Rug | Warmly Home


Modern and elegant pastel bedroom interior inspiration

This pastel color bedroom interior embodies dreamy and soft feeling – just right for a space like bedroom. Almost monochrome in light, airy and soft pastel pinks and greens, this pastels bedroom interior focuses on round, flowing shapes and forms.
The only contrasting element in this interior is the wallpaper. It almost feels like the playful, geometric pattern of Pastel Kaleidoscope Removable Wallpaper invites us into the dream world. It is perfect for the accent wall in this light and soft pastel bedroom interior. Luxurious round shaped, contemporary bed by FAINA in light beige creates harmonious ansamble togeher with blush curvalinear Hepworth Storage Console. This console is a classic piece – it is as timeless as it is elegant. Mint color Curvy Table Mini and the asymmetric mirror add that Danish Pastels interior vibe – both pieces fall right into the aesthetics of this interior trend. The geometric, Art Deco inspired Pyppe Single I pendant light is contemporary and elegant. With its golden elements, it pairs well with the theme of the elegant Hepworth Storage Console. Geometric Hand-Knotted Wool Rug's subtle pattern and colors do not overpower other elements in the room but compliment them.
To finish this bedroom interior, add the sage green cotton king duvet cover set for sweet and soft pastel dreams because sage is the color of calmness and tranquility. Muuto's Kink Vase in dusty lilac and trendy mint color stepped pillar candle are beautiful finishing touches to the room.

Shop the look:

1. Pastel Kaleidoscope Removable Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper

2. Pendant Lamp Pyppe Single I | 1stDibs

3. Asymmetric Mirror | H&M HOME

4. Hepworth Storage Console | Anthropologie

5. Curvy Table Mini | Gustaf Westman Objects

6. Bed by FAINA | 1stDibs

7. Cotton Double/king Duvet Cover Set | H&M HOME

8. Kink Vase | Finnish Design Shop

9. Stepped Pillar Candle | H&M HOME

10. Geometric Hand-Knotted Wool Rug | 1stDibs

We hope that we inspired you for your upcoming spring interior projects! But if you need more inspiration – check out our previous blog post about the behind-the-scenes of Danish Pastels Wallpaper Collection! Let us know which mood board was your favorite in the comment below – we would love to hear from you!

Betty Graphic Designer at Livette's Wallpaper Graphic Designer

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