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Danish Pastels New Wallpaper Collection Behind the Scenes
Spring is finally here – the world around us is blooming and becoming colorful, and so do our wallpaper designs. Danish Pastels Wallpaper Collection represents the playfulness and almost childlike joy of mixing colors, shapes, and patterns. The main inspiration for this collection is Danish Pastel interior design aesthetic that became popular on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok in 2020. The main characteristics of this interior trend are simple, light, and happy colors, rainbow brights, pastels combined with a Scandi balance of clean-lined silhouettes, and organic, curved lines. It represents the Danish way of design and living – keeping it minimal while still colorful and full of joy.
Danish Pastels Wallpaper Collection Color and Shapes Mood Board

Danish Pastels Retro Wallpaper Kitchen Interior

Bright colors and spring vibes throughout the year are showing in both the fashion and interior design industries. The making of the Danish Pastels Wallpaper Collection started with creating a color palette for the project. We set on pastels such as lavender, mint, pale, and millennial pink as base colors and added trending indigo blue, bright green, and lemon yellow as accent colors.

Behind the Scenes of Danish Pastels Wallpaper Collection

With its bright colors and playful patterns, Danish Pastels Wallpaper Collection embodies the easygoing, light, and fun mood of spring. Mixing shapes from cut-outs made by hand with paper and scissors, our designers created Abstract Pastel Cutouts Removable Wallpaper. Inspiration for this design is artist Henri Matisse's works – cut-out posters in bright pastel colors that are also one of the signature elements of the Danish Pastel interior design aesthetic.

Danish Pastels Abstract Cutouts Removable Wallpaper

By the way – we can already whisper that a new poster collection is on its way! But now – back to wallpaper! If you want something truly scandi minimal in your interior design, geometric Minimal Mint Lines Removable Wallpaper will be a great choice – irregular, cut-out lines, almost neutral yet playful design in a fresh mint color.

Danish Pastels Minimal Mint Lines Removable Wallpaper Interior

From light pastels to brighter colors, we have something for those who really want to make their walls stand out! The fashion world has always been a great inspiration, and this collection is no exception.

Behind the Scenes of Danish Pastels Wallpaper Collection

Danish Pastels Bold Retro Removable Wallpaper Interior

Retro style patterns and 70's vibes are trending, and we couldn't pass by! Bold Retro Removable Wallpaper is a retro-inspired design in the most fashionable colors of this season – bright green and indigo blue. This wallpaper is a perfect choice for an accent wall and will make your wall pop as well as the Sunny Classic Houndstooth Removable Wallpaper in yolk and air blue color.

Danish Pastels Sunny Classic Houndstooth Interior

Terrazzo is one of our most loved designs, and we wanted to make it even sweeter for this collection. Candy Terrazzo Removable Wallpaper in lavender, mint, and pastels will make your kitchen interior design truly "tasty" and add the Danish Pastels aesthetics to the room.

Danish Pastels Candy Terrazzo Removable Wallpaper

Geometric patterns and pastels go together well – Soft Geometric Removable Wallpaper in mint and dream is an example of how unexpected color combinations work well together when in the correct proportions. This retro-inspired geometric wallpaper design is subtle yet effective and will be the eye candy of the room.

Danish Pastels Soft Geometric Removable Wallpaper Kitchen Interior

We hope that our new wallpaper designs will bring as much joy to your interior as we had in the design process! This blog post introduced you to only a few of our designs from the Danish Pastels Wallpaper Collection, and we invite you to explore the rest of it! We would love to hear your favorite patterns from our new collection! Let us know in the comments below!

Betty Designer

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