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Terrazzo Wall Mural Styled 2 Ways | Tips For Styling Eclectic And Bohemian Powder Room Interiors

Lately we've been busy bees and have launched several new products on our website, from wallpapers to wall art prints and now wall murals as well. We know how difficult it sometimes is to visualise a specific wallpaper design in your interior, or you just might think that it's too bold or colorful for your home. Therefore we decided to do a collaborative post and style our Terrazzo Wall Mural two very different ways - Bohemian & Eclectic. Even though this is quite a colorful wallpaper pattern, we wanted to show you how beautifully it works in all white as well as more vibrant interior settings.

Boho Chic Powder Room Interior With Terrazzo Tile Removable Wallpaper

How to style Terrazzo Wallpaper in Bohemian powder room interior

There are many variations of bohemian style interiors, but for this particular powder room we have chosen to go with minimal boho interior style. This will be perfectly suited for those who love white and bright interiors with just a touch of accent color. We chose to use the Terrazzo Wall Mural for the accent wall behind the vanity & mirror to add a focal point to the bathroom. Considering powder rooms are usually quite small, you don't have to be afraid to use large wallpaper patterns - it will only make the room look more interesting. But in case you want to go with something more subtle, we have this same pattern available in a smaller print! Find it in our Bright & Modern Wallpaper Collection as Bright Terrazzo Design Wallpaper.
To add the bohemian vibe, make sure to include some rattan or woven storage baskets in the interior. Framed wall art is another lovely way to add the vibe to an interior. This time we chose our Femme Of Henri art print. To add a chic touch to the overall look, brass or gold details we do the trick!

Shop this boho powder room interior:

1. Terrazzo Wall Mural | Livette's Wallpaper
2. Femme Of Henri Art Print | Livette's Wallpaper
3. Tristan Ceramic Pendant Light | Urban Outfitters
4. Perla Mirror | Anthropologie
5. Hammered Towel Ring | Anthropologie
6. Lucy Tufter Rug | Urban Outfitters
7. Macrame Hanging Planter | Anthropologie
8. Deluxe Tamboured Single Bathroom Vanity | Anthropologie
9. Lydia Woven Baskets | Urban Outfitters
Eclectic style bathroom interior

How to style Terrazzo Wallpaper in Eclectic powder room interior

The eclectic interior trend is only becoming more and more popular. Let's go through some tips on how to design an eclectic style powder room. As you may already know, the eclectic style is rich with textures and colors. That is why Terrazzo Wall Mural from our Eclectic mural collection is a perfect fit. Based on the mural color palette, we found a colorful and fun pattern area rug and stylish art poster "Blue nude II" from our Eclectic art print collection. After the main interior patterns and colors are in place, you can start to look for furniture and other accessories. Our main trio includes a large mirror with a gold plated frame, a double globe wall lamp, and indigo color bathroom vanity with feminine lucite knobs. As the last interior pieces, we got matched bathroom hardware, a textured glass soap dispenser, and multicolored striped towels.

Shop this eclectic powder room:

1. Double Perryman Sconce | Anthropologie
2. Emma Mirror | Anthropologie
3. Terrazzo pattern wall mural | Livette’s Wallpaper
4. Blue Nude II By Matisse Art Poster | Livette’s Wallpaper
5. Multi Hatched Trellis Area Rug | RugsUSA
6. Odetta Powder Bathroom Vanity | Anthropologie
7. Cut Glass Bathroom Set | Zara Home
8. Sylvie Bar Set | Anthropologie
9. Multicolored Striped Towel | Zara Home
We hope you liked this collaborative post and found some styling ideas & tips on how to create your own colorful Terrazzo powder room interior. If you have some thoughts or suggestions for blog post ideas you would like to see, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

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