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5 beautiful home office ideas & Tips on how to decorate your perfect home office space

5 beautiful home office interior ideas
If, like most of us, you're stuck at home during the quarantine, you're probably looking for a useful DIY or home improvement project to do to keep yourself busy. And, like most of us, you probably now need to work from your home as well, which means updating your own little home office nook might be just the right interior project to tackle! To help you find the aesthetic that suits your style, we've featured some of our favourite home office interiors designed by our amazing clients. Browse through and see if there's one that inspires you for your own weekend home office makeover!

1. Sophisticated Mid-Century Modern Home Office

This beautiful & sophisticated home office interior was designed by Home Styled Nashville using the Watercolor Herringbone Wallpaper from our Scandinavian Wallpaper collection. And what we love about this space is that they chose to do something unexpected and install the wallpaper on ceiling (or fifth wall) instead doing the traditional feature wall. The design of the wallpaper adds a subtle texture that elevates the whole interior, but is not too pushy or overwhelming, don't you think?

Mid century modern home office interior design with wallpaper on ceiling

2. Parisian Style Home Office Nook

This beautiful little office nook is so chic and modern, AND is actually located in Paris. The whole apartment design was created by Susanne Tanascaux and she went bold with the foyer and wallpapered all of the walls with our Bold Diagonal Lines wallpaper and you can tour the whole apartment interior in the blog post here. Don't you think the bold diagonal pattern of the wallpaper makes the subtle blue walls of the living room pop?

Bold and chic parisian apartment interior with graphic design wallpaper and subtle blue living room walls

3. Small Home Office Corner in Modern Jungle Style Bedroom Interior

This whole bedroom interior was actually done by me for the last year's One Room Challenge. As working from home is a must for me not only during the quarantine, it's essential for me to have a little corner where I can sit down and get everything done. But as it's not a whole work day, I didn't want to make it too office-like, so this boho style desk seemed like the perfect choice as it fits so well with the overall style of the room. During the day it's functioning as a simple desk, but when work needs to get done, I'll just grab a coffee and my laptop and voila - it's a work station!

Home office nook in modern boho jungle style bedroom interior

4. All White Bohemian Style Home Office, Perfect For Beauty Bloggers

This all-white interior featuring our Modern Delicate Herringbone Wallpaper is the perfect space for beauty bloggers. Why? Because of the natural lighting and the white backdrop. It allows you to film videos, take photos of your make-up styles and even #ootd. But, even though I am no beauty blogger, I wouldn't mind to have an office space like this for myself!

All white boho style bedroom home office interior with modern herringbone design wallpaper

5. Boho Farmhouse Style Home Office For Wedding Photographer

Last but not least, boho chic home office interior inspiration, perfect for wedding photographers. How calm and inviting is this space? It's just beautiful to be in by yourself and lovely for inviting your clients over as well! This office features our Grey Peony Wallpaper from the Modern Bohemian Wallpaper Collection and of you want to take a tour of this office, make sure to visit Macy Frances' office reveal blog post!

Modern boho farmhouse style home office interior for a photographer

Boho farmhouse style home office interior in earth tones

Tips for decorating your perfect home office:

1. Decide on the size.

Depending on how much time you actually will be spending there, decide whether you need a whole room or just a desk in a corner of your living room will do.

2. Pick a style.

If you will be spending enough time at your desk, make sure it suits your personal style. Whether it's a specific color you want to implement or a floral wallpaper that you just have to have to keep you creative, make sure you think it through. After all, it's your own little personal space.

3. Make enough space for everything.

Another thing to consider is how much stuff you need to store. Whether you need a printer, and if so, where to put it so it looks aesthetically pleasing? Is a trash bin necessary? If it's a desk in the living room, do you have enough drawers to hide everything work related, once you've finished work? You most likely will not want to look at your work things at evenings, reminding you there's just that one more thing that you could have to get done today..

4. Add something that makes you smile.

It's important in every room really, but especially so in an office. Whether it's a painting or a silly photography of you and your hubby, it's worth it!

5. Don't forget about comfort.

Last but not least, try to find a balance between overly modern furniture pieces and comfort, as you will start to regret that oh-so-chic office chair purchase if it's just not the right height and you will need to crouch every time you sit at your laptop.

We hope you enjoyed this little home office decorating blog, and hope found some inspiration for your own office space makeover! Or let us know if you've already done it, and have some amazing tips to share with us!

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