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Spring/Summer Wedding Decor With Removable Wallpaper

Spring/Summer Wedding Decor With Removable Wallpaper
Spring arrives with warmth, freshness and romance and is a beautiful season for wedding planning as everything around us starts to bloom and nature is giving us the perfect backdrop. If looking for that warm evening wedding then summer will be the perfect season for you being the most popular season for wedding planning. Either going for a spring or summer wedding, you might firstly think about the colors, the theme and decorations. There are countless options to consider, some that might be more costly and some that might just be more budget-friendly. To give you some inspiration of how to use a colorful, bold statement removable wallpaper in your wedding, here will be some spring/summer wedding decor ideas with removable wallpaper.

Maximalist Floral Wedding Decor  

Wedding floral removable wallpaper ceremony decorations

Flowers are a huge part of wedding design. They give a delicate, romantic atmosphere and definitely give a charming aura to the venue. This year we can see a trend of maximalist floral arrangements that give that wow factor. If looking for that large size backdrop for your ceremony with florals, but looking for a more budget friendly option, then using removable wallpaper on a wall decor can be a great way to have a statement look and save some money. Flowers can be one of the most expensive parts in your wedding, therefore, if dreaming of maximalist peonies floral decorations, then having panels covered with Pastel Peonies Wallpaper as seen in the photo above, can give a gorgeous ceremony look.
Floral wedding photo wall with removable wallpaper

Another popular wedding decoration that can ask for a lot of attention is the photo wall.  Being a place where your guests will spend time during the whole evening, you might want to make it noticeable, eye-catching and original, keeping it within the theme. As a flower wall can be very expensive, you can opt for a photo wall with removable wallpaper. If choosing a more delicate, vintage Bridgerton inspired wedding theme, then surprising your guests with a photo wall with this Granny Chic Floral Print Removable Wallpaper as seen in the photo above, might just be what you are looking for.

Statement Wedding Papery 

Green foliage wedding invitaions with removable wallpaper

This year it is very trendy to create statement design details in wedding decor. If you are thinking about sending your guests paper invitations, then giving them an unexpected touch of texture and pattern by incorporating removable wallpaper can be a great way to wow them already before the wedding. There are many ways to use wallpaper in your wedding invitation design to add some personality. You can cover the inside of the envelope, cover the behind of the cards to give them some different texture, add some colorful detail to the invitation cards or as seen in the photo above, cover a part of the outside of the envelope to give it some color and eye catching detail. The wallpaper used in the wedding invitation design above is the Light Green Botanical Foliage Removable Wallpaper.
Peony removable wallpaper peronalized wedding guest book
To incorporate the theme and pattern even further in your wedding day design, wallpaper the covers of your guest book. This will give your guest book some unseen personality and give a touch of originality tying it within the overall wedding design. As seen in the photo above, by covering the guest book with Pastel Peonies Wallpaper it has given it a completely different and original look. To learn more about wallpapering a book visit our blog post on What To Do With Leftover Wallpaper and follow the instructions step by step for that perfect cover.

Some other ideas of where you could use removable wallpaper to add some originality within the wedding papery design can be welcome signs, table numbers, name cards, seating charts and menus.

Bold Wedding Bar

Italian theme wedding bar with removable wallpaper
The bar can be the most popular spot at the wedding reception, as your guests will be making their way back there very often during the night. Paying attention not only to the drinks, but the look of the wedding bar, can be very important to the overall experience, therefore, why not make it a sport to remember. A great option to give your bar some new life, make it eye-catching and impress your guests with some splash of color, is to cover your bar front with removable wallpaper. For example, if going with an Italian rustic wedding theme with a little bit of citrus detail, then covering the front of your bar with the Lemon Blossoms Removable Wallpaper and the Light Green Botanical Foliage Removable Wallpaper is a great way to add some pop of color to the bar. 
Lemon removable wallpaper wedding pop up champagne bar
A pop up champagne bar is a great way to give your guests a memorable experience and add some fun to your wedding. To incorporate the pop up bar within your wedding theme, consider using removable wallpaper in front of the bar as seen in the photo above with the Lemon Blossoms Removable Wallpaper. Having an item such as a pop up bar that is decorated within your wedding theme, gives another spot for your guests to take photos, therefore, it might save you some time and funds for creating a separate photo corner. A recent wedding trend on social media is the "ring for drink wedding bar wall", where instead of an artificial grass or flowers you can cover the wall with wallpaper, giving it an original touch that will allow you to cover it within your wedding theme.  

We hope these spring/summer wedding decor ideas with removable wallpaper will give you some inspiration during your wedding planning process and give your wedding an original touch of personality.

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