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5 Bedroom Interior Decor Trends For This Spring

5 Bedroom Interior Decor Trends For This Spring
With the change of each season, it gives us a reason to get organized, give our home interior a fresh change to welcome a new atmosphere. This spring season we are seeing bedrooms redone to give a luxurious hotel feeling for a five star relaxation. Creating an illusion of wider space by choosing lighter tones, paying extra attention to details and material are the key factors to consider this season. It's time to make a lighter and airier aura to welcome Spring and give yourself a high class comfort and relaxation. To inspire you for your bedroom makeover, here will be 5 bedroom interior decor trends for this season.

Natural Materials

Natural material bedroom interior
The trend of natural material usage and bringing nature inside in design details will be carried throughout this spring season. Wood material and tones are very popular in bedroom decor, giving the very trendy coastal style vibes. Adding wooden baskets, furniture or other accessories brings warmth to the room, gives an outdoorsy touch to it and adds some eye-catching accents. To go even further with natural material, consider swapping your warm blankets, bed linen and thicker fabric curtains to lighter material, such as this season's trendy linen fabric - giving an airy spring touch to your bedroom. As seen in the photo above, Magda is giving a perfect example of using furniture and decors in natural materials, creating a calming oasis vibe. Wallpaper seen in the photo above is Faux Gold Chevron Print Removable Wallpaper.

Body-Shaped Decor

Body shaped chic bedroom vase
Body shaped decor continues to be very stylish this spring season, giving an elegant, soft and feminine aura. It is an eye-catching and beautiful decor for your bedroom, if looking for that statement detail. Body shaped decors for your bedroom can include beautiful fragranced and shaped candles, giving both the looks and a scent for this spring season, or body shaped vases paired with soft spring florals enhancing the spring theme and giving a delicate touch to the room. Decors in this shape can definitely give a romantic and sensual feeling, highlight the sense of intimacy in your bedroom and keep it trendy and chic for this Spring season. 

Unique Silhouettes

Unique bedroom decor silhouettes
This season decors and furniture in irregular shapes are one of the biggest trends. Lamps, night stands, table decors in curvy shapes as seen in the photo above gives an exclusive and chic vibe with a dash of added drama. In addition, having a unique shaped decor or furniture, gives a one of a kind look that might seem handmade and as an individual design. Therefore, if looking for a touch of originality and craving for those eye-catching details then furniture and decors in unique silhouettes will definitely display a trendy and elegant vibe this season and give a youthful spirit to your bedroom. The wallpaper seen in the photo above is the Neutral Agate Print Removable Wallpaper. 

Vanilla Tones

Vanilla tones chic bedroom interior
As this season is all about giving your bedroom a luxurious feeling and making it more spacious, using vanilla tones this season is a trend. Lighter design will make your bedroom become more calming, give that resort-like space to relax, recharge and restore your energy. To enhance the luxurious aura, consider getting bedding in vanilla tones and light fabrics, such as the previously mentioned trendy linen material. Vanilla tones will definitely give a calming, minimalistic aesthetic, but to bring more life, introduce some interesting textures in details, such as already introduced wooden furniture, baskets and other accessories. In the photo above Caitlin has done an amazing job by combining vanilla tones with wood tone decors and the Neutral Botanical Foliage Removable Wallpaper in custom colors: White and Mist.  

Eye-Catching Rugs

Eye-catching bedroom rug
For a five star comfort, soft touch and warmer feeling in your bedroom, do not forget about that cozy rug next to your bed. This season consider picking a bolder shaped, texture, tone rug. A look at me rug will give a welcoming touch to your bedroom that will as well enhance this Springs luxurious bedroom trendy style and feeling. Locate a runner shaped rug next to your bed sides or go with a larger statement rug under the bed for a fuller floor cover. In the photo above we can see how The Lifestyled Co have created a luxurious light bedroom interior with the Neutral Paintbrush Maze Removable Wallpaper and light detailed large rug under the bed giving a welcoming and warm mood.

We hope these 5 bedroom interior decor trends for this spring will give you inspiration for a luxurious, modern minimalism style that will bring comfort, softness and a personal oasis for a five star relaxation.

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