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10 DIY Home Project Ideas with removable wallpaper

In this blog post let us go through 10 DIY Home Project Ideas that are made with removable wallpaper. From stunning powder room remodeling to simple bookshelf upgrade - home interior makeover has never been easier.

DIY remodel powder room with removable wallpaper

DIY Project No.1 - Powder room update

One of the best and easiest ways how to restyle your powder room is by adding a wallpaper behind your mirror. Choose a busy pattern if you wish to add some depth to the wall. A practical choice would be to choose a self-adhesive wallpaper since it is water-resistant. Read more about self-adhesive and traditional material properties here.

Light and minimal style entryway interior

DIY Project No.2 - Decorate your entryway

Brighten up and add some fun patterns to your entryway with wallpaper. A great example of how to add some texture to the interior is our client's photo above with our Scandinavian Design inspired wallpaper from Urban Jungle collection. For a quick and easy makeover - choose the narrowest wall, that way with minimal effort you can create an illusion of a bigger space.

Simple and quick home office makeover with removable wallpaper

DIY Project No.3 - Stylish home office

These days many of us work from home. To keep the spirit up, treat yourself with a stylish home office look by simply adding removable wallpaper to one of the walls. Consider also using murals. With a few wallpaper panels, you can completely transform your home office and just might it will become your fave spot in the whole house. Check out Livette's Wallpaper mural collections here.

Living space DIY project with removable wallpaper

DIY Project No.4 - Transform Your Living Room

If you are looking for ideas on how to easily and quickly remodel your living room, you should consider half the wall look. This design solution has a quick execution time and the result still has quite an impact. One of the most popular wallpaper themes for the living room is the jungle and forest, so for a start, you can check out our Urban Jungle wallpaper collection.

Quick and easy DIY bedroom wallpaper idea

DIY Project No.5 - Bedroom accent wall

Continuing subject about "quick and fabulous" a great way how to easily change the appearance of your bedroom is to add removable wallpaper on the wall behind your bed. Doing so you will add extra depth leaving your bed in front as the centerpiece the room. A beautiful example is our clients' bedroom picture above with our Tropical Palm Leaf wallpaper.

Home improvement DIY project with removable wallpaper

DIY Project No.6 - Highlight nook wall

If you have already done above - mentioned home interior improvements, think about the corners and nooks in your home that might use some attention. Remodel forgotten home spots with fun and light wallpaper designs and bring them back to life. Save this reading nook look with our Botanical Foliage removable wallpaper to your Pinterest inspiration folder.

DIY closet styling ideas with self-adhesive wallpaper

DIY Project No.7 - Closet Makeover

The closet makeover is a popular DIY home project, especially in the springtime. Get rid of the stereotype that closets are dark and decor unworthy and style it up with colorful and fun patterns. Diana's remodeled closet with our Tiny Line removable wallpaper is living proof that wallpaper in your closet can do miracles. Read more about her projects here.
Removable wallpaper on ceiling

DIY Project No.8 - Wallpaper on ceiling

A major new interior trend - the fifth wall. More and more interior designers use wallpapers on the ceiling. If done right - it looks outstanding! Something fresh and new for your home interior. This stunning office interior design by HomeStyled Nashville with our Watercolor herringbone wallpaper shows us how it's done right.

DIY kitchen backsplash wallpaper

DIY Project No.9 - Kitchen Backsplash

DIY kitchen backsplash project can completely change your cooking area. Go for geometric or tile-inspired wallpaper design just like our client in the picture above. She picked Scandi Style geometric wallpaper from our Geometric wallpaper collection. Bookshelf DIY styling with removable wallpaper

DIY Project No.10 - Decorate Your Bookshelf

As the last DIY home project idea we have a bookshelf upgrade. Simply add wallpaper to the back of the shelf and create a unique design bookshelf with extra depth. This is a greater way how to update old furniture in your home.

I hope that this blog post showed you new DIY ideas on how to use removable wallpaper in your living space. If you have any questions or would like to say your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment!

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