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3 Sustainable Gift Wrap Ideas With One Wallpaper Sample

3 Sustainable Gift Wrap Ideas With One Wallpaper Sample
Christmas is just around the corner and that means that it's time to get something special for friends and loved ones. With sustainable lifestyles becoming more important and popular, finding new sustainable ways to wrap the presents is becoming trendy. If you have done a home make-over this year and given your walls a new fresh look with a beautiful design wallpaper, chances are that you will have some leftover wallpaper at home or some gorgeous samples. Or perhaps you are planning to install wallpaper at home and have ordered different samples to find the perfect match? Or just love the idea of having the presents wrapped in original pattern wallpaper sample designs to give to an interior lover with an added future interior improvement inspiration that they can use? Here will be three sustainable gift wrap ideas that can be made from only one wallpaper sample.

1. Gift Bag

To create a chic and original gift bag with wallpaper, you will need one wallpaper sample or a piece of wallpaper enough to wrap a medium size box. You will need a pair of sharp scissors, double sided tape, hole puncher, ribbon and Christmas decor of your choice. The first step is to prepare the sample by cutting off the bottom part as seen in the video below with the sample of Watercolor Buffalo Check Removable Wallpaper in Grey in custom colors - Pine & Olive. Then cut the needed amount of wallpaper to wrap around the box. Make sure to not throw out the excess wallpaper piece as it can be used for the upcoming two gift wrapping ideas.
Once you have wrapped the wallpaper sample around the box to make sure the gift will fit the gift bag, secure both sides of the wallpaper sample with double sided tape. The next step is to fold the bottom of the sample and secure it with the double sided tape. After securing the bottom of the gift bag, place the gift box inside and fold down the top of the bag. For a cute top of the gift bag, using hole puncher create 2 holes for the ribbon. Then place the ribbon of your choice in the created wholes and tie it up in the front creating a beautiful bow. Add some greenery decor and your sustainable wallpaper gift bag is ready.

2. Wrap Around The Present

For the second gift wrap idea you can use the wallpaper leftover that wraps around your present as seen in the video above. You will need a wallpaper piece, double sided tape, scissors, ribbon and Christmas decor of your choice. Then connect the pieces together with double sided tape and with a festive ribbon of your choice create a bow on top of the present. Use a small piece of greenery or other decor of your choice to add underneath the tied bow. And to use one wallpaper sample fully, use a small leftover piece to create a cute Christmas card to add to the present. The leftover small piece can be used for the third wallpaper gift wrapping idea.

3. Eye-Catching Paper Bow

As the third sustainable gift wrap idea from a wallpaper sample, you can use the final small leftover piece of wallpaper to create an eye-catching and original bow. You will need a small piece of wallpaper, scissors, double sided tape, and a gift wrap of your choice. To create a wallpaper bow you will need to fold the longer shaped wallpaper in half as seen in the video above and place the fold side towards you. Afterwards carefully cut the shape of a bow and fold it open as seen above. Then connect the bow in the middle and both sides with double sided tape to create a 3D paper bow and cut out small triangles on each side. Wrap the gift in a complimenting color of your choice and place the bow on top and your third gift is beautifully wrapped.
We hope this blog post gave you a festive feeling before the holidays and gave you some inspiration for original and sustainable gift wrapping. To learn more about how to order wallpaper samples visit the Wallpaper Samples page. And in case you are still searching for ideas of what to gift an interior lover this Christmas, visit our 5 Ideas For Interior Design Lovers' Stocking Fillers blog post or the Christmas Gift Guide For Interior Lovers blog post.
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