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5 Things You Will Need For Wallpaper Installation

5 Things You Will Need For Wallpaper Installation
If you are planning a DIY home wallpaper project, you might want to get some helpful tips to make the necessary preparations for the process. Truthfully, if you have read the necessary information and prepared everything you need beforehand, you are more than ready to jump in and tackle the wallpaper installation. However, if you are still looking for some tips and tricks that could make you feel more prepared, here will be 5 things you will need for wallpaper installation for an efficient and enjoyable process.

Your Chosen Accent Wall

Firstly you will need to choose the accent wall, half wall or perhaps ceiling that you would like to cover with wallpaper and measure it correctly to order the right amount of wallpaper you need. Our wallpaper comes in panels designed to be installed side by side without an overlap. You will need to measure both the width and height of the wall to calculate how many wallpaper panels you will need and what sizes would work best for your project. To get to know more about measuring a wall correctly for wallpaper installment whether it is a rectangular, slanted or a wall with an obstacle, visit our Learn & How To section on How To Measure Your Wall

Wallpaper + Wallpapering Tools 

Next step would be to choose your perfect wallpaper design and decide whether you would prefer to install our self adhesive or traditional wallpaper. There are a couple of differences to take into consideration when choosing which material would work best for your project, including the application, size, color and texture. It is important to familiarize with your chosen wallpaper material installation procedures beforehand as well, to make sure if any wall preparations are needed such as smoothing or priming the wall. To learn more about traditional and self adhesive wallpaper and see some examples showing the differences between the two wallpaper materials, visit our Self-Adhesive Vs. Traditional: What's The Difference? blog post.
Tools for peel and stick wallpaper installation
Depending on your chosen wallpaper, you will need these tools for an efficients process and perfect result. For self-adhesive wallpaper installation you will need: self adhesive wallpaper of your choice, level tool, measuring tape, sharp craft knife, mild cleaner, cotton gloves to avoid leaving any fingerprints, dry cloth or a sponge to wipe off any dust before application and a wallpaper smoothing tool with round and soft, flexible press-on edges to not damage the wallpaper. To learn more about installing our self-adhesive wallpaper in detail visit our How To Install Removable Wallpaper - Wallpaper 101 blog post.
Tools for traditional wallpaper installation
However, for traditional wallpaper installation you will need these things: traditional removable wallpaper of your choice, wallpaper paste/glue for non woven wallpapers, brush or roller, pencil, straight edge tool, sharp craft knife, dry cloth or a sponge and a wallpaper smoothing tool with round and soft, flexible press-on edges. If you are looking for more detailed information about traditional wallpaper installation, visit our How To Install Traditional Non Woven Wallpaper - Wallpaper 101 blog post to learn more about the preparations and procedures.

A Beverage Of Your Choice 

Wallpaper installation can seem as a scary task at first, however, if you approach it in a calming and stress free manner, it can turn out to be a very positive learning experience. To give it a more lighthearted approach, a beverage of your choice such as cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee, kombucha or even a glass of wine can perhaps be just what you need to feel more comfortable and create a peaceful wallpapering project adventure to gain new home DIY project skill improvements.


A Friend

A helpful hand in this process not only is needed for a more efficient wallpaper installation and ideal result, but to have company as well. Having a friend with you during this process will not only make it easier but will enhance the experience and make it more interesting and enjoyable as well. Furthermore, to make sure the seams line up neatly and pattern matches perfectly all the way down, a helpful hand watching over the process is definitely advised.

Positive Vibes & Good Music

To create a fun atmosphere and enjoy the process even more, grab your speaker and put on some of your favorite music. An energizing playlist to get you in the mood for action or on the contrary a more calming playlist to give you a peaceful energy for concentration and perfect result can be exactly what is needed to create a motivating atmosphere.
We hope this blog will help you to prepare for your DIY wallpaper project efficiently as well as create an atmosphere that will feel comfortable for you and will get you in the right mood for an enjoyable experience.

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