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Why Ordering Wallpaper Samples Is A Must

Why you should always order wallpaper samples when designing your home interior
When redecorating your living space, it is always important to ensure the final result will be as desired. And this is exactly the place where sampling comes in so handy — especially so, if we are talking about wallpapering! Read this blog to find out 5 of the most important reasons why you should always order a wallpaper sample before committing to the final decision!

1. Can Help To Choose The Right Wallpaper Design For Your Project

Removable wallpaper samples with neutral and bold vintage floral pattern
When shopping online, it can be both simple and challenging at the same time. On one hand you are free to browse through all online wallpaper stores out there at the same time. On the other hand, unless you are 100% sure of what you are looking for, your design inspiration can travel at 100 different directions at the same time. And sometimes two very different design concepts can feel equally correct for the space, just as it was for @honeydohoney_home when she tackled her bedroom transformation. At first glance, the Vintage Floral Design Wallpaper seemed the most compatible choice for the room. It is neutral with a little hint of vintage and farmhouse vibes which would sit perfectly into the space. But for some reason Carrie was drawn to the Dark Vintage Flower Bouquet Wallpaper, so she decided to order these two seemingly very different wallpaper samples to compare them in the space.

2. Can Help To Find The Right Wallpaper Material For Your Project

Two removable wallpaper samples in bedroom interior compared side by side
Another major reason for deciding in favor for ordering wallpaper samples is to check the chosen wallpaper materials in person to determine which one will work better for your project. As we compared on our Learn & How To section, there are several differences between each of the wallpaper materials we offer. For example, the self adhesive material, also known as peel & stick wallpaper, will have a canvas like texture and will be more vibrant as it has a bright white base color. You can learn more in-depth about or self adhesive wallpaper material in the link here. Traditional wallpaper on the other hand will have to be installed using wallpaper glue or paste and it has a slightly warmer white base color. Again, we go more deeply through the details of our traditional wallpaper material in the link here. Another fantastic characteristic of our traditional wallpaper apart from the fact that it is also fully removable, is that it can be easily manouvered and slid into place while installing. This actually makes it a fantastic choice for first time wallpapering projects, as you are able to join the seams more easily thus having that perfect final result! A little hint - Carrie used our traditional wallpaper for her bedroom renovation project!

3. Can Help To Better Understand The Scale Of The Pattern In Your Space

Final look of the bedroom renovation with bold floral removable wallpaper
Even though we are notorious in depicting our wallpaper designs and patterns on our online store as close to the real-life product as we possibly can, it is always helpful to see the true scale of your chosen wallpaper in the space and area you have planned to wallpaper. This is especially helpful to avoid accidentally choosing a print that is either too large or too small for the space you had intended to install it in. Furthermore, as all of our wallpapers are made to order, we do not offer returns or exchanges, hence the sample will be a great asset to ensure your final result is just as you've envisioned!

4. Can Help To Find The Best Paint Color Match

Even though all of the paint brands provide digital codes for their paint swatches and it is a common practice to color-match paint with other interior elements when shopping online, we still strongly believe that the best way to approach this is to sample both - the paint and wallpaper - in real life and in the actual room where you have intended to use them. The reason behind this is that firstly, you can be surprised to learn that when seeing all samples in person your heart might simply decide to go in a completely different direction and go for that dark & bold accent wall that it's just longing for, instead of the neutral and subtle vibe your mind was planning to go for. And secondly, because there is just no better way to see true colors of your chosen decor elements and how they match together and get the actual feeling of the design and vibe that you are creating, before moving on to finalise the shopping cart.

5. Will Help To Ensure You Are Happy With The Result

Happy client with bedroom renovation with Livette's removable wallpaper in dark vintage floral design
Now, this might be the most important reasons of them all. In addition, it is quite self explanatory. Unless you are a highly visual person or working with a designer who creates a fantastic visuals of the space for you, having all of the planned colors, textures and materials in a physical mood board to check before moving on to placing full orders is a fail-safe way to ensure your space will look exactly like what you had in mind, which in turn will make you smile every time you walk into the room. Now, isn't that the most important reason in the long run? We'd like to think so!
If you are currently on your home remodel journey and are planning to incorporate wallpaper or two in your home, we might just have the wallpaper design you are searching for. Our customer care is also always happy to help with recommendations or answer any questions you might have, so don't hesitate to leave a comment or reach out to us via e-mail! We're here for you!

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