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Difference Between Residential And Commercial Wallpaper

Difference Between Residential And Commercial Wallpaper
While residential wallpaper is a perfect choice to give your residential interior design an eye-catching and chic wall design, commercial wallpaper is a more durable and professional solution for commercial spaces that have a higher traffic to give the space a modern commercial wallcovering to attract guests and last for a longer time. As we have added commercial grade type II wallcovering to our products, in this blog post we will be going through the differences between commercial wallpaper and residential wallpaper, which we offer in traditional and self-adhesive materials.

Where Residential And Commercial Wallpapers Are Used

London Metro Lines Office Commercial Wallpaper
Commercial Wallpaper is made for the purpose to be used in public and commercial spaces. It is a thicker material wallpaper that will last longer in spaces that have high traffic such as hotels, restaurants, shops as it is stronger against scratches and dents. As seen in the photo above, commercial wallpaper can be a chic and functional addition to a business office interior. Above we can see our office commercial wallpaper - London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper In Black And Off White from the Mid-Century Modern Collection. If you would like to browse more options for office commercial wallcovering, visit our Office Wallpaper collection. But to find out more about commercial projects, where commercial wallpaper is typically used, check out our Top 10 Projects Where To Use Commercial Wallpaper blog post.
Residential Wallpaper  is made of a thinner and lighter material than the commercial wallpaper and is suitable for residential interior design projects whether you would like to decorate the walls of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, kids room or anywhere else.
Commercial wallpaper can absolutely be used as well in residential interior projects, if you are looking for a more durable and professional solution. However, residential wallpaper can not be used in commercial premises as it needs to pass specific regulations. It is important to make sure that the wallpaper is Class ASTM E-84 Fire Rated to be used in commercial spaces. To find out more about the specifics of our commercial wallpaper, that also is Class ASTM E-84 Fire Rated, visit our Commercial Grade Type II Wallpaper page.

Durability Of Residential And Commercial Wallpaper

Knitted Pattern Commercial Wallpaper In Hair Salon Interior
Commercial Wallpaper is made specifically for higher traffic spaces with a thicker material. It comes in different types that determines the thickness and durability against wear and tear. Our commercial wallcovering is Commercial Grade Type II PVC-Free Wallpaper, meaning it is more durable against wear and tear and is gently cleanable. To learn more about commercial wallpaper, visit our What Is Commercial Grade Wallcovering blog post. 
Residential Wallpaper being a thinner material is a perfect choice for home use and places where there is a small traffic and less of a chance that people might lean onto the walls or different objects and furniture might be often knocked or moved against the wall. In high traffic spaces, such as hallways, the wallpaper can get damaged quite fast, as it will not be as strong against potential wallpaper scratches and marks.
In places such as hotels, healthcare facilities, shops, beauty salons, restaurants where guests might often accidentally lean against the wall and bump in with different objects, commercial grade type II wallpaper is more durable against these scratches and dents, making it last longer. Above we can see an eye-catching commercial interior design for House Of Trends hair salon by Beauty By Brigette with our Knitted Pattern Design Removable Wallpaper from the Black & White Wallpaper collection. We love how minimalistic yet luxurious the black and white commercial wallpaper interior has turned out.

Material Differences Between Residential And Commercial Wallpaper

Commercial Wallpaper Texture
Our commercial grade wallcovering does not contain vinyl and is a PVC-Free,  breathable, lightweight alternative to vinyl that meets Commercial Type II wallpaper characteristics and consists of 31% post consumer recycled content. It has a light canvas textured finish with a slightly off-white and warmer base color, if compared to our self-adhesive residential wallpaper material.
Our residential wallpapers - traditional and self-adhesive wallpaper materials are slightly different in their finish. While our peel and stick wallpaper has a fabric like texture, our traditional wallpaper has a completely smooth finish. 
Our Commercial Type II wallpaper comes in 25 inch wide panels, that is the same size as our traditional wallpaper panels, but is slightly larger than our self-adhesive wallpaper panels, which are 19 inches wide. This means that the pattern scale is also slightly larger than on our self-adhesive wallpaper, because the design is simply stretched to fit the width, making the design slightly larger. To learn more, visit our Commercial Grade Type II Wallpaper page.

Application Differences Between Residential And Commercial Wallpaper

Commercial Wallpaper Installation With Glue Or Paste
Our Commercial Wallpaper is applied using glue or paste. With a brush or a roller the glue or paste needs to be applied to cover the whole back of the wallpaper and then using the booking method allow it to soak and rest for 10 minutes. We recommend using permeable adhesive and primers with advanced mold and mildew protection that come from one manufacturer for the best result. An example of such a manufacturer is Roman and Zinsser. Our commercial wallpaper is made to be installed side by side without an overlap, unless printed for a double cut method with an overlap, that is agreed upon before. Visit our Commercial Grade Type II Wallpaper page Commercial Grade Wallpaper Installation Instructions section for a detailed step by step instruction to installing our commercial wallpaper.
Our Residential Wallpaper is applied differently. Our peel and stick wallpaper is applied exactly as the name says - gradually peeling the backing paper off the wallpaper and carefully applying it to the wall. Our traditional wallpaper, however, is also applied using glue or paste. But the difference between commercial wallpaper is that, with traditional wallpaper, the glue is applied directly on the wall and the wallpaper panel is applied in the position to the glued wall starting from the top. For a detailed instruction, visit our Learn & How To Self Adhesive Wallpaper page or Traditional Wallpaper page section on installation instructions.
 Note: All of our wallpaper materials are made to be installed side by side without an overlap, unless agreed upon before, to be printed with an overlap for a double-cut method.
We hope this blog post showing the differences between residential and commercial wallpaper will help you decide on which wallpaper material would be the perfect choice for your project. To learn more about our newly added commercial grade wallpaper, visit our What Is Commercial Grade Wallcovering blog post.

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