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How to choose the best nursery wallpaper: material, design & color

One of the most important things when it comes to planning and decorating the nursery for your newborn is finding the safest materials and harmless solutions. When it comes to the perfect wall coverings we have you covered. Livette’s wallpaper offers wide variety of wallpaper and wall mural designs appropriate for nurseries and not only. But let’s start with the material choice!

Self adhesive wallpaper

We offer two varieties of removable wallpapers. The most popular choice is self adhesive wallpaper material. As it is not only perfect choice for DIY projects but it is also PVC-free, fabric based material, so perfectly appropriate to decorate the room for a child. Fabric is breathable and porous. This makes fabric wallpaper less prone to mould growth. The material we use for the self adhesive wallpaper has also been evaluated with Class A/Class 1 fire rating, which means the wallpaper is able t o withstand fire for longer than any of the other classifications. The inks we use for printing the designs have been recognised as non-hazardous to health and don’t affect indoor air quality. One other pro of the self adhesive wallpaper is that it can be removed easily, so you can switch to other wall coverings when the time comes without any problems. But don't be alarmed, this doesn't mean the wallpaper will start pealing. We've spent years looking for the perfect peel and stick wallpaper material, and we indeed have found it!

Top reasons for choosing self adhesive wallpaper:

  1. Easy to apply. Literally, you only need to peel the backing off and stick it to your wall. Simple as that!
  2. It's pvc-free, and it's an important factor to keep in mind when wallpapering a nursery or kid's room interior.
  3. It's breathable and porous. You won't have to worry about mould or any other of that nasty stuff!
  4. Class A fire rating. Safe for use in any interior project, even commercial!
  5. Non-hazardous inks. Yes, they have the Green certificate!
  6. It's removable. Once your little one grows, you can easily transform the room into toddler or even teen room.

Traditional wallpaper

The traditional material is the other option we offer. A non-woven thick material, with a paper like finish. It is also PVC-free, printed with the same non-toxic inks. And if you have any doubts about the glue ruining it all, please don’t. Mostly the glues used to apply non-woven wallpaper are water based so completely safe to use in nurseries. When purchasing the glue just check the composition and make sure it has no toxic elements there.

Top reasons for choosing traditional wallpaper:

  1. Relatively easy to apply. You will need to apply the paste to the wall, and then apply the wallpaper panel, swish it into place and continue to the next one until the wall is complete!
  2. It's pvc-free. Again it's an important factor to keep in mind when wallpapering a nursery interior, or any room of your house for that matter.
  3. Non-hazardous inks. Yes, they have the Green certificate!
  4. It's also removable. Yes, this material also can be peeled off in full panels!
  5. It's more cost effective. If you want to achieve that Pinteresty look for less, traditional wallpaper material is the one for you.

If you can’t decide which of the two would be best for your project, you can order samples of both materials to touch and feel them and see both in your space. If you haven’t made up your mind about the design, continue reading, we have some tips for you!

How to pick the best wallpaper for your nursery interior

How to choose the best wallpaper design for nursery interior

Now then you know the difference between traditional and self-adhesive wallpaper, let us move on to how to choose the best wallpaper design for nursery interior. In the past couple of years, gender-neutral nurseries have become a truly popular choice for parents who wish to create a neutral environment for their little ones. For 2020 we predict that the unisex style nurseries still will be one of the most common interior looks for kid's rooms. Keeping that in mind, let's go through few tips on how to choose the perfect wallpaper for gender-neutral nursery interior.


While you think about nursery decor be sure to establish interior style. Whether it's boho, eclectic or minimalist interior - it can still be gender-neutral! With the interior theme in place, look for wallpaper pattern that reflects your choice.
Light green botanical wallpaper
Scroll trough nursery wallpaper collections such as Minimal Boho Kid's Room wallpaper collection or Travel Inspired Kid's room wallpaper collection that mostly reflects nature and neutral pattern designs. The last job is to select the right colors. The most popular gender-neutral color palette includes soft earthy tones mixed with soft greens and greys. A great example of a gender-neutral nursery is this minimal boho nursery interior by Ciara Self with our Delicate Herringbone wallpaper in black. Read more about her nursery here.

Girl's nursery trendy interior look inspirationGIRL'S NURSERY WALLPAPER INSPIRATION

Let's go through guidelines on how to find the best girls' nursery wallpaper. Start with the room style - neutral chic, bohemian or modern farmhouse theme are some of the most popular baby girl nurseries looks. Once you know the style that you are going for, search for wallpaper collections that help to bring it to life. For more inspiration check out Baby Quinn's Nursery with our Botanical Foliage wallpaper in custom color.

Delicate Floral Removable wallpaper for girl's room

If you don't know where to start, go for Bohemian Girl's room wallpaper collection or Eclectic kid's room wallpaper collection which includes a wide range of pattern diversity - from simple dalmatian and tropical theme prints to large floral murals. The last nursery puzzle piece is the right color palette. For a baby girl nursery, be sure to choose soft and light colors. Mix more neutral colors like off white or light brown with uplifting pinks to achieve the perfect girls' room look.

Boy's nursery room wallpaper ideas BABY BOY'S NURSERY WALLPAPER INSPIRATION

Oh, boy, here we go! Let's talk about some ideas on how to create a beautiful nursery room for a baby boy. We all know that it is easy to get lost in Pinterest nursery theme ideas, so let us highlight a few of the most popular ones. It seems that adventure and animal theme will never go away from the most popular nursery style list, but if you wish to create something more simple, modern look is the right way.
Classic Grey Herringbone Wallpaper For Nursery
Look for wallpaper collections like Geometric kid's room wallpaper collection or Minimalist Kid's wallpaper collection. These wallpaper designs will look great as the accent wall in a modern boy's nursery interior. To give more life to the pattern, choose a different color. Blue's and greys are the most common tones for boy's nursery interior, but since the boho trend gained huge popularity - green and earthly tones are also stepping in.
Paper boat nautical theme removable wallpaper
If you decide to go for a more playful nursery look, Ocean Inspired or Eclectic wallpaper collection may have what you need. From trendy waves to flying air balloon patterns - the adventure is on! Read more about the above-featured baby boys nursery interior project here!

Custom colors for nursery wallpaper

Sometimes choosing the right color for wallpaper is more important that picking the right pattern design. As mentioned above - once you know the interior style that you wish to achieve, it is equally important to get the right colors for your wall decor. Let's go through what are the options and how to choose the best custom colors for kid's room wallpaper.
Vintage safari animal removable wallpaper for kids room
Here we have Vintage Safari Animal print wallpaper in three different colors. If the nursery theme is gender-neutral, choose muted colors like green, light blue or grey that reflect nature.
Trendy air balloon pattern removable wallpaper
If your nursery style requires more than one color in your wallpaper, no worry - it is possible. As the example is this Khaki green air balloon wallpaper. As you can see, almost any pattern design detail can be changed to a custom color. When mixing wallpaper colors, be sure to choose tones that complement each other.
Multicolor fun design wallpaper for kids room
Another custom option is to change the pattern background color. This is a great option if you wish to create a bold accent wall or make it slightly off white.

Livette's Wallpaper custom colors

Livette's Wallpaper Custom Colors

Livette's Wallpaper has two custom color palettes - "Bright & Modern" and "Elegant Neutrals". If you can't find the right tone in our color palettes or already have a color in mind, we offer to create a custom color from your example or your provided Pantone color code.
Trendy neutral color palette
If you like these ideas, have any questions or would like to say your thoughts on this blog post, feel free to leave a comment! We're always excited to hear from you!

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