Wallpaper Manufacturing, Dropshipping and Wholesale

Wallpaper dropshipping, manufacturing, wholesale
As a wallpaper company with 10 year experience, we are thrilled to offer our wallpaper printing services to help your brand print your own wallpaper. Wether you are looking for wholesale wallpaper or wallpaper dropshipping method right to your customer's door, our wallpaper factory will gladly make your brand's vision come to life.


Over the years Livette's Wallpaper as wallpaper manufacturer has been a wallpaper supplier not only for our own brand, but for other wallpaper brands as well. This experience has helped us gain expertise and offer highest attention to quality and detail of each print on demand wallpaper product.


What we offer: 

  • Wallpaper wholesale — for larger or smaller quantities

  • Digital wallpaper printing services — wide range of color and design possibilities

  • Print on demand peel and stick wallpaper material as well as traditional, commercial and other wallpaper materials required for your brand

  • Tailored wallpaper production — in panels of various sizes or classic rolls, such as single roll (16.5ft), double roll (33ft) or any other option required

  • Quick production time (3-7 business days)

  • Dropshipping directly to you or your customer (within 2-3 business days after production)

  • Production of wallpaper collections for your brand and with your branding requirements

  • Production of limited edition wallpaper collections — i.e. designer or artist collaborations

  • Tailor made tube or box packaging with your design, logo and branding

  • Help with branding and packaging design and details to guarantee the best visual result


Get in touch with us by filling out the form and let's find the most suitable option of our wallpaper printing services that suits your brand vision!