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3 Weekend DIY Spring Cleaning Projects

DIY home spring cleaning projects
The time has come, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining and spring has finally arrived. Besides having the warm feeling in your stomach and the excitement of summer being around the corner, this is the time to get organized and make time for the very important spring cleaning. There is nothing like getting everything organized, clean and shiny for the new season. As the saying says - clean your space, clear your mind. To help you get ready and excited for the spring, here will be 3 weekend DIY spring cleaning projects to inspire from and give your home some well needed treatment and pop of color.

Wardrobe Organization

Tiny lines wardrobe removable wallpaper
The ultimate task of all tasks on your spring cleaning to-do list might be organizing your closet. Requiring quite a lot of effort and time, this is the process of cleaning, throwing out the unnecessary and reorganizing for the new season. There is nothing like the pleasant feeling of opening your closet and everything being organized and hand reaching away for the new spring season. It is the time to put everything else aside for the next appearance in the winter season.
Green tiny lines wardrobe wallpaper spring cleaning
To make it even easier, pick out some storage boxes that match the theme of your wardrobe to store some of the things you use daily. Diana has done a beautiful job as seen in the photo above, by labeling the boxes and taking closet organization to the next level - creating a tidy and arranged space. To create an even more welcoming feeling Diana has used the Tiny Lines Removable Wallpaper, which is a great option to give your closet a new and fresh look and cover the tiring back of your closet with some pop of color for spring season.

Laundry room Cleanup

Laundry room herringbone wallpaper
After organizing your closet and finding all of those lovely spring clothes hidden in the back, it is time to get organized in the laundry room. Having to spend quite a bit of time in this room, you might want to create a comfortable and convenient space, and add some detail, color and fun to make it feel cozier. As seen in the photo above Michelle has organized her necessary things for ironing a hands reach away for an efficient process. To add some eye-catching and enjoyable detail to the space, Michelle has wallpapered the behind of shelfs above the ironing board with Herringbone Wallpaper.
Laundry room spring cleaning herringbone removable wallpaper
To enhance the cozy atmosphere in the laundry room even further Michelle has created an accent wall with Herringbone Wallpaper and added some beautiful accessories within the theme for a pleasant atmosphere. To have a clean and elegant look, consider organizing all of the necessary items in a cupboard. This way when entering the room it will always look tidy and pleasant. Adding some accessories and detail to this room will definitely make some noticeable changes and create a more welcoming feeling.

Aesthetic Arrangement Of Nursery Books

Nursery book organization for spring cleaning
We all know that the nursery can get a little bit chaotic, therefore, this room might need some attention paid during the great spring cleaning. If you have a lot of books looking for a place to be displayed nicely, creating plenty of shelving in the room and arranging them next to each other can create a clean and organized look and add an eye-catching, creative detail to the room. As seen in the photo above Helen has created a beautiful children book shelving that almost looks like an accent wall in the nursery - giving a fun and elegant view.
Black spot wallpaper lined nursery book storage
To add an original touch and an interesting detail to the nursery, line the inside of your boxes for books with a patterned, colorful wallpaper that might have been leftover from a previous home project. Not only will it add a fun and individual detail to the room but it is a great way to find use for the leftover material. In the photo above we can see how Helen has created a beautiful nursery book storage display by lining the inside with the Black Spot Removable Wallpaper creating a charming and organized space.

Spring cleaning can be a time consuming and tiring task, however, there are ways to make it fun and joyful. We hope these 3 DIY spring cleaning projects will inspire you for an efficient and interesting process to add some spring feeling inside your home as well.
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