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5 Beautifully Wallpapered Powder Rooms | Ideas For Your Stay Home DIY Projects

5 beautifully wallpapered powder room interiors
As most of us have dug into home renovation projects to keep us busy during the self isolation, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite powder room projects and tips on how to decorate your bathroom or powder room interiors. As you may have guessed, all of them include removable wallpaper and each of them has a completely different interior style. Browse through and let us know which of these is your favourite bathroom!

1. The Scandi Boho Powder Room

We start off with this all-time favourite bathroom interior, that has been posted all over Instagram. The black and white color scheme along with natural wood tones is the most popular palette found in scandi boho interiors. And the wallpaper used in this bathroom actually brings in an additional touch of 'Scandi' style, because of the classic pattern that can be found throughout Scandinavian style interiors. Bold but subtle in the same time, don't you think?
All white scandi boho style bathroom interior with graphic design removable wallpaper

2. The Mid-century Modern Style Powder Room

Another classic powder room that blew up Instagram! This beautiful mid-century modern style bathroom interior is just on point in every single way, don't you think? Show-stopping wallpaper - check! Brass details - check! Mahogany wood furniture and decor pieces - check! Stunning idea to copy? Check!
Wallpaper used for this project: Watercolor Brush Stroke Print Wallpaper in Self Adhesive Wallpaper material, from the Scandi & Japandi Collection.
Mid century modern design powder room interior with bold graphic removable wallpaper and brass hardware

3. Apartment Therapy Inspired Powder Room

This is one of the latest projects with our Lemon Blossoms removable wallpaper done by Zenia from Style It Pretty Home and we love every - single - detail!! The image may not show it correctly, but the green of the wallpaper matches the green of the vanity perfectly and the pop of yellow from the lemons adds a bit of whimsy to the whole interior. And that shelfie, by the way, is just gorgeous!
Wallpaper used for this project: Lemon Blossoms Wallpaper in Self Adhesive Wallpaper material, from the Modern Farmhouse Wallpaper Collection.
Bright and whimsical small powder room interior with lemon design removable wallpaper and modern shelf styling

4. The Classic Floral Powder Room Interior

If you love colors, but in a smaller dose, this beautiful and classic powder room might just be your favourite. We especially love the color scheme as it's neutral enough to not get on the nerves of the husband yet feminine enough to make us smile each time when we walk into the room.
Wallpaper used for this project: Grey Peony Wallpaper in Traditional Wallpaper material, from the Modern Bohemian Wallpaper Collection.
Classic grey and green powder room interior with floral removable wallpaper and brass hardware

5. The Modern Powder Room with Herringbone Wallpaper

Another brand new project, this time with the absolute bestseller - Modern Delicate Herringbone Wallpaper. This beautiful interior done by Shannon has earned your love on Instagram since it was published earlier this year, and we cannot agree with you guys more! The color palette, the mix of patterns and the lush greenery is just fabulous. Make sure to check out Shannon's Instagram page to get all the decor details of this bathroom interior!
Wallpaper used for this project: Modern Delicate Herringbone Wallpaper in Traditional Wallpaper material, from our Scandinavian Collection.
Modern bohemian style powder room interior with black, white and green color palette, herringbone removable wallpaper and lots of greenery decor

Our top tips for decorating powder room interiors:

1. Make it fun!
Go for a bold pattern with removable wallpaper, because the best thing is - it is removable and easy to take down once you want to change the design!
2. Consider other residents of your household.
We know, it would be fun to have that all-pink bathroom that makes you feel like you're on a pink fluffy cloud, but.. the husband might not feel the same.
3. Play with the colors.
If you like to keep your home neutral, yet would love to use some color somewhere but are afraid of the commitment - powder room might just be the perfect place for some experiments!
4. Add colorful accents.
If you would like to implement some color but are still afraid of paint and wallpaper, consider adding color injections with towels, wall art and rugs. These are the simplest things to swap for each season!
5. Add board and batten.
Board and batten has been popping up everywhere for the last year, from bathrooms to entryways and even nurseries. We think there's something there to give it a try!
So, which one of these beauties stole your heart? Perhaps you have done a powder room interior remodel with our removable wallpaper as well? Make sure to message us, as we'd love to share it with others for inspiration of these staycation days!

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