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Best Color Choices For Nurseries That Will Later Work For Toddlers Too

Best color choices for nurseries that will later work for toddlers too
When it comes to picking the right color for your baby's nursery, it might take a while to decide. Not only is it important to create the right atmosphere for the baby, while they are building their character, but it is important to think about the impact of the design further along. As babies grow fast, it is efficient to decide on the color and design that would later work perfectly for toddlers as well. To help you out, here will be some of the best color choices for nurseries that will later work for toddlers as well.

Light Greens

Light green nurserie design
Green is said to be the color of health and well-being. A lighter color of green used in the room design can give a soothing and calming effect. As seen in the photo above Eema Studio has chosen to use a trendy beautiful sage green tone in this nursery design that can fit for both girls and boys rooms.
Green foliage nursery wallpaper
Green color can be a very fun and playful color, however, it is said that it can improve concentration ability. As we can see in the photo above, Katie has created a fun yet calming design for her nursery's storage using the Light Green Botanical Foliage Removable Wallpaper. It is an earthy tone that can be used in different nursery themes and is a color that can grow older together with the children. If you love nature as much as we do then green nursery wallpaper is a must for you - make sure to visit our Green Kids Wallpaper collection for more!

Powder Blue

Blue clouds wallpaper for nursery
Powder blue color can have a relaxing effect on both our body and mind. It is a very soothing and gentle tone making it a very suitable choice for nurseries. Sky's the limit with this Blue Vintage Clouds Wall Mural used in the nursery seen above by Rebecca (@maisonellieinteriors). It is a beautiful color and theme that can suit both genders.
Blue air balloons wallpaper for nursery
Powder blue color can bring a sense of peace in the interior and is a very suitable color to use in the room design for both baby genders. When we think of blue, we often think of beautiful blue skies. In the photo above we can see the playful and soothing effect the chosen Blue Air Balloon Wallpaper by Bria has made on this nursery design.

Mist Gray/Neutrals

Neutrals wildflower wallpaper for nursery
Mist gray is a warm, neutral color that gives a calming effect. It is a great color to use as a backdrop for different nursery themes. Mist gray is a timeless color that will continue to serve beautifully after your baby grows. Ashley in the photo above has used the Wildflower Foliage Removable Wallpaper that will be very suitable after the baby grows as only furniture and accessories would need to be changed for a charming new style for toddlers.
Grey herringbone wallpaper for nursery
Neutral tones are very grounding and comfortable for babies as they help their eyes to rest and prepare for sleep. It as well is a great choice of color to introduce bolder and brighter details in design accessories to add some fun. Naomi (@littlecrowninteriors) in the nursery design seen above has used the Grey Delicate Herringbone Wallpaper and paired it with some more colorful accessories, creating a perfect contrast.


Pink maze wallpaper for chic nursery design
It is no surprise that pink is one of the favorite colors for baby girl nursery designs. It is the color of beauty and femininity, giving a cozy and warm aura. Adrianne in the photo above has created a very exciting and chic pink baby nursery by using the Pink Paintbrush Maze Removable Wallpaper that works great for toddlers as well.
Baby pink ombre wall mural for nursery design

This Baby Pink Ombre Wall Mural nursery design by Natalie definitely gives a soft comforting energy. Pairing the pink color with other more neutral colors gives an elegant contrast. When using lighter pink shades for your nursery walls, don't be afraid to combine them with other brighter colors to create a more appealing room design.

The chosen color can have a great impact on your baby's mood and their character while they are growing up. We hope these color ideas will help you in your nursery design project that will serve for years while your baby is growing and create the right atmosphere and energy for your little one.

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