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Living Room Lighting Ideas

Let's talk about how to set perfect lighting in your living room. Light is essential for our homes. It is not only functional but also gives a cozy feeling that creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. In a well-lit living room, you will always see three different types of lighting - general, task and accent. To better understand what lights you should use in your interior, start with defining what happens there.

White modern living room interior with Suspension Vertigo lampGeneral

As well known American architect Louis Sullivan said - “Form follows function” we could say - light follows the purpose. Different activities require various types of light. For general light go for overhead lamp or chandelier - it’s the best choice for cozy illumination in your interior. If possible use a dimmable bulb to control and prevent over-lit surfaces. Central pendant lamp helps to zone the space and creates a focus. A beautiful example is this modern living room interior with Suspension Vertigo lamp above it.

Modern wall light on dark grey wall in Scandinavian style living roomTask

If you have no overhead light and you wish to keep it that way - choose large arched floor lamp or wall lamp just as Nina did in her Scandi style interior. Wall lamp fits ideally for certain tasks, such as reading or working. Read more about Nina's beautiful home interior project on her Instagram.

Black powder coated steel floor and wall lamp from IkeaAnother option is a tall and stable floor lamp with adjustable light direction. These features enable us to use it not only as a direct spotlight but also as a source of ambient light if directed on a wall. New Ikea timeless design floor lamp "Skurup" is a perfect example. Simple adjustments, practical and flexible for any interior.

Modern and minimal living room interior with brown sofa and white table lampAccent

Just as a low-level floor lamp - table lamp helps to create a comfortable atmosphere in the living room. Try to place them evenly through the interior and if possible - toward the walls to create a warm light radiance.

Modern industrial living room furniture

Now when you have all the necessary lighting in your living room, remember that each and one of them serves for different purposes so mix them carefully to avoid overlit interior.

Hope this blog post will give you a better understanding of how to create the perfect lighting in your living room. Feel free to pin these inspiring interior examples and leave a comment if you have any questions!

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