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Green Interiors We Are Loving This Season

Stylish interiors with green Livette's Wallpaper designs

This blog post was inspired by this Springs' Interior Trends - one of them being - The Color Green. A color so versatile and vibrant but at the same time very calming and down to earth. It is no surprise that our clients tend to choose this color for their interior projects as it represents nature and is an incredible way to bring a refreshing sense of nature indoors, especially if your home is located in a city with little surrounding greenery. Keep on reading this blog post to get inspired and create your own green sanctuary! 

Statement Ceiling

Office entryway with statement wallpaper on ceiling

This extremely beautiful entryway project created for an office space by the talented team of Hammer + Harmony from @hammerandharmony is definitely one of our favorite projects included in the green interior category. The team chose our ever so popular wallpaper design - London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper in Black & Off White to accentuate the molding details around the doors and walls, as well as this seasons' top color - Green. And what better way to wow your clients than wallpapering the fifth wall - your ceiling! 

All of the design pieces beautifully compliment the character of the home, as they seem to be selected very carefully to create an inviting and cozy feel to the space, as well as keeping everything in the same color palette and style. 

Dreamy Botanicals

Baby nursery with botanical wall mural and green ceiling

For the second interior project, we chose this dreamy baby nursery space, which was designed by Chloe from @chloegetscreative. To create a nature inspired space, we believe that opting for a botanical print wallpaper is always the best idea and we have a great selection of them on our website. This particular wallpaper design is our Vintage Botanical Wall Mural in the Traditional material

Chloe did an amazing job incorporating our botanical themed wall mural into the space by painting the ceiling in a deep green color that compliments the tones of the flowers and also adding wickered design elements to elevate the whole look and to bring in the great outdoors feel.

Tropical Powder Room

Tropical powder room interior with green palm leaf print wallpaper

This powder room project is a great example on how to create a sophisticated but at the same time a modern look for a tiny space by combining the tropical inspired wallpaper design with more traditional pieces and furniture, like the dark wood bathroom vanity with satin nickel cabinet knobs and vertical wood paneling on the walls.

The idea of color matching feels very fresh and can create a statement, especially for a guest bathroom, where statement wallpaper is the safest choice, in my opinion - a small space, where you can have fun and experiment, as the lovely Rachel from @what.bb.built created for her powder room. Wallpaper used in this project is our Blue Palm Leaf Removable Wallpaper in custom color Sage from our Elegant Neutrals color palette, which was customized specifically to match the color used for the paneling detail. 

Dainty Laundry Room

Vintage style laundry room with green delicate botanical wallpaper

Let's talk about the power of wallpaper in another small space - this time a laundry room. This sweet makeover was done by Margie from @houseofmargo as part of the One Room Challenge, where she completely changed the whole mood of the room by adding our delicate and dainty wallpaper design - Fern Green Botanical Wildflower Removable Wallpaper from our Modern Farmhouse Collection. Delicate wallpaper design that adds a vintage feel to the room, and with the right decorative pieces looks very timeless and elegant. 

We believe that when it comes to a more utilitarian space like a laundry room, less is often more in terms of decor, therefore, the main focus is on functionality and storage space. This project is a perfect example on how to make the most out of a small space - it has cabinetry to store all the essentials, a tabletop in a matching color as the wallpaper for folding clothes and even a stylish basket for more storage. However, Margie added a few decorative elements that warm up the space and overall added the final touch!

Surprise Closet

Closet with green vertical striped wallpaper backdrop

And last but not least, the most colorful one! A touch of lime green for the guest closet space, paired together with a lemon lining paper for the shelves. This particular space often gets forgotten, however, Diana Elizabeth from @dianaelizabeth_ reminded us that any wall in your home deserves love. And what not to love about a fun and colorful print for your closet space backdrop, which even looks great if left open or seen by your guests. 

Incorporating loads of bins and baskets, as well as other aesthetically pleasing trinkets gives this space a meaning and also looks very neat and organized. And by adding labels to your storage makes it easier to find certain items. Wallpaper used for this cheery space is our Tiny Lines Removable Wallpaper in Grass Green color and in the Self Adhesive material  


We hope that this blog post featuring the top color of the year was a great inspiration for creating your own green interior! If you have any questions or would like to say your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment down below!  


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