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How to create a modern Parisian interior design - Interior Inspiration

1. Architectural elements

Hi there! This weeks post combines a few ideas of how to decorate your own home like a modern Parisian. France is a place where Rococo and Art Deco style ornamentation still has a strong stand in interior design. Lately, the most common feature of the Parisian home is architectural elements like wall plaster moldings. Combined with a serene color palette and minimal accents the end result is sophisticated - it looks expensive and elegant.
Light and minimal interior design by AlexAllen Studio

2. Antiques

Of course, not all of us can incorporate fancy wall moldings in their living space. The second thing that makes Parisian interior look so chic is antique furniture. A large mirror with beautifully detailed decoration frame will definitely make your place look more exquisite.

Vintage style large mirror with gold frame

3. Crystal chandelier

The most iconic interior decor for Parisians is a crystal chandelier. Displayed in a room with modern geometry accent pieces it creates unique and elegant contrast between vintage and modern.

Mix of modern and super traditional interior elements by Harriet Anstruther

4. Armoire

Another ‘must have’ interior element is an armoire. Be creative - you can use it not only for clothes but also for such things as TV or other electronics.

Brass antique armoire

5. Long curtains

Speaking about clothes and fabrics - let's not forget about the curtains. Parisians love dramatic drapers. Covering windows with top to floor curtains creates an illusion of higher ceilings.
Modern interior with long, dark curtains

6. Brocade and velvet

If you are looking for the right fabrics that will make your accent pieces stand out - you actually have only two options - velvet and brocade. These two are the most commonly used textiles in modern Parisian interiors. Deep emerald color sofa with velvet finish looks absolutely gorgeous.

Emerald Green Velvet Sofa

7. Gold metallics and modern art pieces

When it comes to details - the right choice will be gold metallic accents. This way of interior look needs to be complemented with polished gold elements. Another important detail to add is art - whether it’s a statue or painting be sure to include it to complete the perfect Parisian interior look.

Modern apartment with vintage furniture and gold accent elements

French people definitely have a unique taste for style. They have combined the old and outworn with the new and modern and the outcome is refreshing and stylish. Can you see your self-living in a Parisian style inspired home? Leave your thoughts on this interior design trend in the comment section!

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