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Livette's x Zane Zake | "Pink Cloud At Noon" Wall Art Collection

Modern bohemian style wall art collection emphasising powerful female figure
This summer we have been working on something very special. We've partnered up with an amazing Latvian illustration artist Zane Zaķe to create a wall art collection that reflects calming tones and shapes, capturing the movement and emotions of strong female figure and beauty of nature. If you'd like to see a little peek behind the scenes of how this collection was made and meet the amazing artist, make sure to browse through this blog post!
Creating of wall mural collection behind the scenes
As it happens most of the time in this digital era, we discovered Zane Zaķe on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her unique 'handwriting' so to say! The voluptuous shapes and beautiful color palettes of Zane's artwork is captivating as it combines playfulness and powerful emotional experience.
Sketching wall mural artwork
When we first met with the artist, we discussed our ideas of the wall art collection, wanting to emphasise natural beauty of nature and strong female figure which is one of the main elements of Zane's art pieces. After collecting our ideas, the key artwork of this collection came to be the 'Pink Cloud At Noon' wall mural, which eventually gave the collection it's name!
Boho chic home office interior with pink color palette and feminine wall mural

"Now looking at the collection it reflects summer, sun, tropical getaway, and friendship. The color palette is so soothing to the eye that your home will start to come to life with these prints!" says Zane.

Nude illustration art poster
The collaborative collection is divided in two sections - wall mural and wall art print collections, each of them featuring exclusive artworks made especially for Livette's Wallpaper. Collection features summer inspired color palettes and tropical elements, so you can captivate that joyful summer feeling in your home all year round!
Sketch of an art poster

"My goal was to create pieces that thrills me, pieces that tell a story, and give people a feeling of enjoyment throughout warm, fresh colors, and soft shapes. It comes from my heart, bits of my day, memories from my travels. Seemingly that's why the illustrations were made by me sitting outside in the garden and blasting my favourite photos from my trips. Exploring to find a balance between soft and contrasting colors in my art is one of my favourite parts of the process."

Behind the scenes of creating art poster collection
We're so thrilled that Zane agreed to share a little peek behind the scenes of the making of this collection. As you can see, all starts with a sketch and the process of finding the right shape and color balance takes time.
Abstract nude art print collection with summer vibes

"I’ve always been drawn to pure moments, people, and places. Whenever I see something new and inspirational in my daily life that I want to remember, I capture it in a photo as inventory for future ideas. It can be a color combination, a unique ceramic piece, an old poster from a coffee shop, or anything ordinary. I believe it's all about things you may not notice at first glance." explains Zane.

Artist Zane Zake with Pink Cloud At Noon Wall Art Collection

"Through my work, I showcase calming tones and shapes to capture the movement and emotions of strong female figures. I want to eliminate the definition of "perfect" body to create a diverse understanding of beauty and raise confidence in women." says Zane. And we couldn't agree more! Only by understanding, appreciating and embracing our differences, we can learn to grow and celebrate diversity. We hope you will enjoy this beautiful wall art collection just as much as we do! And as always, we're thrilled to hear your thoughts so make sure to leave a comment below!

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