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Mood board Monday - The essence of Vanity set up

Definition of Vanity - make up station.. Simply - your own makeup spot as you feel it right. Let's turn it this way - how should it look like? Surely makeup is a part of the daily morning routine and how we can get routine to become experience? Simple ergonomics - make it individual to your needs and your personality! It can work by making it fun, aesthetic and individual! It must have basic order for each detail where everything is where you feel it belongs. During my exploration, I started to see highlights on two bold keywords: harmony and beauty. Beauty is definite for every women's goal, yet harmony in all of its aspects simply means balance - every detail in the interior should fit organically in its place and give you the right feel of it. Let's find out how to do it and explore how to turn daily routine in a relaxing process! I share my Vanity styling mood board and hope that it will inspire you. If something special catches your eye - you can find the link for each piece below the photo!

Interior mood board with dark floral wallpaper and marble patterns, pink lamp, chair and velvet pillow

I've searched, found and finally included two different textures that compliment each other - light marble pattern and saturated dark peony wallpaper. For the ceiling - beautiful pink Hans-Agne Jakobsson lamp that would go well with Beetle chair from Gubi and soft velvet pillow. A minimalistic tray will find perfect harmony with Johnatan Adler jewelry holder. My favorite matching mirror choice for this set - Randaccio Wall Mirror but if you are looking for less pricey alternative options - you can check out H&M home! My choice for a table would be Park Avenue design table that definitely stood out with its aesthetic look and simplicity. If searching and combining pieces is not your cup of tea then easy way out - Beatrice Dressing Table might be the best for you!

Do you already feel inspired?

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