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Design destination: Very hygge hotel in the middle of Berlin

A couple of weeks ago we were visiting Berlin for a business related matter and as every design addict does, looked for a hotel that would fulfil our interior design requirements for these couple of days. That's when we stumbled upon Lulu Guldsmeden, a very hygge hotel located in the middle of Berlin.

Lulu Guldsmeden hotel in Berlin

Lounge area of a design hotel in Berlin

Guldsmeden is an eco hotel chain that is located in various countries, such as Norway, Denmark, France and even Madagascar. They opened their doors at the beginning of 2018 and has been an attraction to both travellers & locals alike. As they love food (oh, and so do we!) everything they offer is organic. On the menu you will find simple dishes like open-faced sandwiches as well as more sophisticated Scandinavian delicacies, along with craft cocktails - we hear the Basil Smash is exceptional! Unfortunately at our visit the bartender who is responsible for cocktails was ill, so if any of you are visiting Berlin and had the opportunity to taste it, let us know if the rumors are true!

Dark restaurant interior with dark green walls, black marble and brass decors

The dark and moody interior of the reception and lobby which flows into bar & restaurant is very calming and inviting. The black marble countertops and brass decors at the bar area complement each other, the turquoise color glasses and tableware is simply stunning and Scandi inspired decor (deer heads) works perfectly with Indonesian decor pieces. We understand why locals like to hang out here!

Hotel bar with dark tiles, marble tables and brass details

Brunch in a design hotel in Berlin

The importance of zero waste and mindful living is very significant here, so if you stay in Guldsmeded hotels you will be asked to reuse your sustainable towels and regarding toiletries you will find everything you need - including fabulous Cucumber mist for the room & natural crystal deodorant as well! Everything they provide smells uh-mazing and is a special line designed by Guldsmeden - how exciting is that?!

Bright rustic boho chic hotel interior

The design of the spacious bright rooms are Scandi-boho inspired and really makes you feel like home. White walls works wonders creating a perfect backdrop for every item in the room & large windows allows the daylight to brighten the room, so you wouldn't need to use artificial lighting during the day.

They mix and match old leather chairs and Chesterfield sofa with bamboo furniture & Bali inspired bed and antique oriental rugs - quite unusual, but a striking combo giving an 'old meets new' vibe, while the bathroom interior works quite the opposite way. Bright white metro tiles for the walls, moroccan style tiles for the floors with an antique chrome faucets and giant stone bath. A glimpse of bamboo can be found in this room as well as a rustic towel ladder & vanity. Overall a very modern rustic bathroom where you can relax after a long day.. (I mean, just look at that tub, how can you not?)

White moroccan style bathroom with metro tiles and black tub

The location of the hotel is very good as it is a couple minutes walk to the metro with which you can access mainly anything in the city, and if you prefer to take a bus - it stops right in front of the hotel! For your day out we highly recommend to visit Bikini Berlin, a design concept shopping mall where you will find everything to fill your design thirsts as well as actual ones - the food & cocktails there is amazing, especially as you can choose from various cuisines of the world!

When visiting Berlin, this is a must-stay place. The staff is super friendly and accommodating, the interior is very inspiring & the feeling of coziness and hygge does not leave your side. Is there anything else that you need when travelling?

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