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Our Favorite Pink Wallpapers

Our Favourite Pink Wallpapers For Barbie Themed Interior
Pink has taken over as the long awaited Barbie movie is soon to come out in the cinemas to take us back to our childhood and the times of Malibu Barbie vibes. Not only is everyone talking about the pink fashion in the movie, but the design of the wow factor Barbie inspired movie set as well. As the movie has brought the summer pink feeling already, in this blog post we would like to go through our favorite pink wallpaper designs that could give the interior design a very chic Barbie theme.

Paintbrush Maze

Pink Paintbrush Maze Wallpaper Nursery Interior
Our Paintbrush Maze wallpaper design is loved by many of our clients in different colors, however, if looking for that Barbie themed interior, then the Millennial Paintbrush Maze Removable Wallpaper can be just the choice for a chic and eye-catching wall covering as seen in the gorgeous nursery design above by Adrianne. Combine the bright and cheerful pink wallpaper with a statement rug and playful decor and your bubbly pink interior design is ready.

Pink Retro Chic

Pink Retro Chic Nursery Interior

As the Barbie was invented in the late 1950s, in the movie trailer we can already see references and design styles from the 1960s giving us some retro vibes. In the photo above we can see a very bright and gorgeous nursery design by Casa Kids with our Pink Retro Chic Removable Wallpaper that together with pink decors and accents has created a wow-factor baby girl nursery interior to remember. Mixing retro interior design with pink, can definitely create a statement interior look.

Mini Retro Design

Mini Retro Wallpaper In Rosy Color
Continuing with the retro theme, above we can see our Mini Retro Design Removable Wallpaper in custom color Rosy, that can be another perfect option if you are looking for a blushing and extraordinary interior design. Create a beautiful accent wall in your living room with this rosy retro wallpaper design or cover all walls in a smaller space. If you are looking for some more fun, Barbie themed ideas for the living room, visit our Barbie Inspired Living Room Mood Board blog post, that will give you a glimpse of the Barbie world at home.

Candy Stripe

Candy Stripe Pink Removable Wallpaper
Wallpaper with stripes design - something so simple and elegant, yet very eye-catching. Put some pink on it and it will make all the difference giving a fun and delicious look as seen in the photo above with our Candy Stripe Removable Wallpaper. This wallpaper design can definitely give the interior a noticeable pop of color and Barbie theme with added decor without having too much risk of making it too overwhelming. Vertical striped wallpaper design can also make the walls appear taller, if you are looking to add the illusion of the ceiling being higher. 

Bright Pink Banana Leaves

Pink Banana Leaves Kitchen Interior
Taking us to the coast, this Bright Pink Banana Leaves Removable Wallpaper design can definitely give a Malibu Barbie and Palm Springs style in the interior. Bright pink is definitely a brave color that can be very unusual for kitchen interior design. However, if you are looking for a stand out design and a tropical touch, then this wallpaper design will give a detail to remember, and dazzle its guests from the moment of entering the room.

Pink Pineapple

Pink Pineapple Kids Room Design
Speaking of Palm Springs vibes, in the photo above we can see another gorgeous pink bedroom design that together with Malibu themed pictures, furniture and decor has created a beautiful Barbie themed kids bedroom interior. For this project  Chelsee has chosen our Tropical Pineapple Pattern Removable Wallpaper that has beautifully complimented the style of the room and given a pink pop of color to the walls.

Elegant Coral

Elegant Coral Removable Wallpaper Powder Room Interior
Giving us ocean vibes, this beautiful powder room project by Danielle with our Elegant Coral Removable Wallpaper makes the space feel brighter and more welcoming. We love how chic and charming the powder room design has turned out with splashes of cheerful shades of pink. Would you consider bringing pink in your powder room interior?

With the Barbie movie coming out this month, we hope this blog post brought you joy and maybe even some inspiration for a gorgeous pink themed interior. Is pink in your interior style? Visit our Pink Wallpaper collection for different shades of pink wallpaper designs.

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