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How To Mix Patterns - 4 Tips To Mixing Wallpaper With Fabric

How To Mix Patterns - 4 Tips To Mixing Wallpaper With Fabric

Introducing patterns in the interior design can enhance the theme, add some more interesting pop of color and interest in any interior style whether it's eclectic, neutral, vintage, farmhouse or any other. And mixing different patterns can even further build an eye-catching and modern interior that adds a charming and unique character to the space. However, it can feel a little intimidating to find the best patterns and color matches for the interior. To help you enjoy the pattern mixing process fearlessly, in this blog post we will share 4 tips to mixing wallpaper and fabric pattern designs with confidence.


1. Color Scheme

Mixing Wallpaper And Fabric Pattern Colors

When mixing different wallpaper patterns and interior fabrics patterns, we definitely pay a strong attention to the color choices. A safe and confident choice when mixing different color patterns is to combine black and white patterns with a multi color pattern. Mixing black and white design pattern with a different colorful pattern not only can create a beautiful balanced interior design look, but it also allows to combine patterns with confidence as the mixed patterns have a less of a chance to look too busy than mixing multiple different colorful patterns without a professional knowledge of the matching color combinations. In the photo above we can see a beautiful mood board inspiration for a boho/safari theme nursery with a cute black and white wallpaper - Dotted Bohemian Kids Room Wallpaper and a geometric home decor fabric - Neutral Decorative Symbols Design Printed Fabric in eye-catching warm color pattern.

Dotted Bohemian Kids Room Wallpaper And Neutral Decorative Symbols Design Printed Fabric

The black and white stripe wallpaper - Dotted Bohemian Kids Room Wallpaper from the Minimal Kids Wallpaper collection as seen above and in the mood board previously can be a beautiful, elegant black and white modern wallpaper that creates a simple and timeless black and white wallpaper accent wall in a nursery or kids room. Combine the black and white wallpaper with colorful and fun designer fabric such as the Neutral Decorative Symbols Design Printed Fabric from the Geometric Fabric collection to use as curtains, cushion covers or any other interior design detail for an eye-catching and fun pattern mix.


2. Mixing Pattern Scale

Mixing Wallpaper And Fabric Pattern Scale

 Another detail to pay attention to when mixing wallpaper and interior fabrics is the pattern scales. It looks aesthetically pleasing when, for example, smaller pattern colorful wallpapers are mixed with luxury fabrics in larger patterns. Furthermore mixing more complex patterns with simple patterns can create a balanced look by using multiple different color patterns. If you are looking for a fun kitchen interior inspiration, in the mood board photo above we can see and example of the dazzling multicolor wallpaper - Bright Terrazzo Design Removable Wallpaper combined with the high end fabric - Baby Blue Lemons Design Printed Fabric that together create a beautiful and vibrant contrast for a fun and welcoming kitchen interior design. 

Bright Terrazzo Design Wallpaper And Baby Blue Lemons Printed Fabric

The vibrant wallpaper -  Bright Terrazzo Design Removable Wallpaper from the Bright & Modern Collection can be a perfect colorful abstract wallpaper choice to create an eye-catching colorful wall decor in the kitchen. Or if you are looking for a unique kitchen backsplash with a pop of color and pattern, the Bright Terrazzo Design Backsplash from the Marble And Stone Backsplash collection mixed with the fun lemon pattern - Baby Blue Lemons Design Printed Fabric from the Floral Fabric collection created kitchen table cloth or cute kitchen curtains can create an unexpected, fun and joyful kitchen design. 


3. Interior Design Theme

Farmhouse Interior Theme Pattern Mixing

Another important detail to remember when mixing patterns in interior design is to keep it in one design theme. With so many beautiful pattern options available it can be easy to find yourself loving patterns in different styles. However, if an aesthetic throughout interior design is your goal, then keeping the patterns in one theme will ensure a beautiful finished look and not have the risk of creating a slightly overwhelming and busy interior look. As blue tones are very much in style this year, in the photo above you can see a gorgeous blue farmhouse interior style mood board. To give you inspiration for a modern interior with mixed patterns, we have chosen to mix the blue retro wallpaper - Blue Watercolor Plaid Removable Wallpaper and the vintage floral fabric - Blue Toile Design Printed Fabric for a chic blue countryside interior design inspiration. Blue Watercolor Gingham Wallpaper And Blue Toile Printed Fabric Farmhouse Pattern Mixing

Even if monochrome interior design looks are trendy, adding some eye-catching and modern patterns in similar color tones can add some character and build interest in the interior look. And as plaid design patterns are popular now as well, choosing a blue plaid wallpaper as the Blue Watercolor Plaid Removable Wallpaper from the Plaid Wallpaper collection can add a chic and stylish detail, blue room decor or a gorgeous blue accent wall to you farmhouse interior design. And mixing the blue peel and stick wallpaper with Blue Toile Design Printed Fabric from the Floral Fabric collection will enhance the charming countryside vibe with a blooming modern floral fabric.


4. Reverse Design Colors

Mixing Reverse Design Colors Wallpaper And Fabric

If you love the stylish mixed pattern look but want to keep it minimalistic, a simple yet unexpected way to mix patterns is to use the same pattern for wallpaper and fabric but in reverse colors. This pattern mixing method can ensure a beautiful, minimalistic and elegant look that still adds some fun pop of color and pattern to the interior design. If you love an airy, light interior design with a touch of coastal vibes then you might enjoy the inspiration in the mood board above with the blue and white peel and stick wallpaper Subtle Floral Removable Wallpaper combination with the floral print fabric - Subtle Floral Design Printed Fabric in reverse colors that can add blooming light blue details in the interior.

Subtle Floral Pattern Reverse Color Pattern Mixing Fabric And Wallpaper

Mixing reverse design colors can be another gorgeous option for monochrome interior designs to add some unexpected details. The blue floral peel and stick wallpaper - Subtle Floral Removable Wallpaper from the Floral Wallpaper collection in custom colors - Off White & Windy can create a gorgeous modern floral accent wall that combined with floral fabric - Subtle Floral Design Printed Fabric from the Floral Fabric collection in custom colors - Windy & Off White in an eye-catching cushion cover design, lampshade, luxurious duvet cover will add a dazzling and unique interior design look. If you enjoy blue pattern wallpaper design, visit the Blue Wallpaper collection for more beautiful patterns. Most of our wallpaper and fabric patterns can be ordered in custom colors, therefore, allowing to create a unique reverse design color pattern combination.

We hope this blog post gives you inspiration and tips for creative ways to mix wallpaper and fabric patterns. For some more inspiration on mixing different patterns, visit our Mixing Patterns And Prints In Interior Design blog post to view gorgeous moodboards in different styles. And if you are looking for trendy patterns, visit our Pattern Of The Year 2024 blog post and choose your favorite Custom Colors for a unique interior design look.



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