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danish pastels and pastel dreams wall mural collections
Recently we launched our new Danish Pastels Wallpaper Collection – it was all about playfulness, fun shapes, and color combinations. Working on this collection was fun, and we fell in love with pastels so much that we could not stop there! We are excited to share our new pastel wall mural collections with you – Pastel Dreams Collection for kid's interiors and Danish Pastels Collection for those who want to fill their room with joy.


Danish Pastels Wall Mural Collection is a mix of geometric and groovy shapes in bold and subtle colors. This collection represents the Danish way of design and living – keeping it minimal while still colorful and full of joy. In this wall mural collection, you will find both – large-scale abstract designs that are perfect for an accent and more delicate and subtle designs.

danish pastels geometric ombre in blue wall mural

Geometric Ombre In Blue Wall Mural is a bold retro-inspired design that will give your interior design a fresh look. We can easily imagine it on a bathroom wall or as an accent wall in neutral and minimal interiors. In combination with light furniture, the bright blue is toned down. The colors complement each other to create a harmonious space.

danish pastels bright matisse bricks wall mural living room interior

danish pastels lavender floral wall mural dining room interior

The Bright Matisse Bricks Wall Mural and Lavender Floral Wall Mural are to oversized designs inspired by the artist Henri Matisse’s works. His cut-out posters in bright pastel colors are one of the signature elements of the Danish Pastel interior design aesthetic, and these wall murals celebrate it. The Bright Matisse Bricks Wall Mural is an eye-catching design that will make your wall pop and look great paired with bright interior pieces or even ascetic furniture. But if you are searching for something abstract & large-scaled but not as bold – Lavender Floral Wall Mural will be a perfect backdrop choice.

danish pastels oversized memphis print wall mural living room interior

If you are looking for something not as loud as the bright murals, Oversized Memphis Print Wall Mural in patio & dream colorway will do the job. This color combination will look great in a monochrome pastel-colored bedroom interior or as an accent wall in a living room with darker-colored interior pieces to create depth and contrast.


pastel dreams daisy kid's room wall mural

Pastel Dreams Wall Mural Collection for kids is a mix of floral motifs, and fun and abstract cut-out designs in light and soft pastel colors. This collection reminds us of childhood joy and carelessness – laying in a daisies meadow on a sunny summer day and dreaming. We think Daisy Wall Mural will bring that exact feeling to the room!

pastel dreams dreamy floral kid's wall mural bedroom interior

Dreamy Floral Wall Mural is a floral design with oversized, abstract flowers and will be a perfect match for a soft, light, and calming girl’s bedroom interior. Even the light pink color in the design is called “Dream” – could it get even dreamier?

pastel dreams playful matisse kid's wall mural

The Playful Matisse Wall Mural is an abstract and fun cut-out design that will be perfect for an accent wall in a playroom or gender-neutral kid’s bedroom interior. The combination of bright yellow, pastel pink, lavender, and baby blue will create a sunny and happy atmosphere in your kid’s room.

This blog post introduced you to only a few of our new pastel wall mural designs, and we invite you to explore the Danish Pastels and Pastel Dreams collection to find your favorite designs! We would love to hear from you – let us know in the comments below which wall mural designs you love the most!

Betty Graphic Designer at Livette's Wallpaper

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