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The art of mixing metals - Mood board Monday

New Monday means fresh inspiration mood board! This week’s topic is about mixing different metal elements in your own home! Mixed metal interior details have been increasingly gaining popularity since last year. Harmonically mixed metals are able to create a sophisticated, complete look as well as feel - totally worth for designing a separate mood board! I have been collecting ideas for how to mix brass, steel and also chrome. The warmth of gold together with icy silver or different metal element combinations will give the right feel! We can go for ideas through each room or look at the whole concept - it can be a kitchen or even your living room!

Mixed metals mood board for home interior

First step:

You don’t want to use more than 3 different metal finishes for one room so it wouldn’t be messy - the proportion is the essence when it comes to accents. Choose your dominant metal. My pick for this mood board is brass - it gives the right warmth to space. It would nicely fit together with Calcutta gold Silestone surface and aesthetic look wallpaper.

Second step:

Repeat metal finish at least twice! You can start with details like combining cabinet handles with tableware and plates or if you are a true coffee lover - choose iconic steel espresso machine that will match with unpolished chrome objects such as an oven, fridge or sink. For this inspiration mood board, I included Tom Dixon pendant lamp with Phillip Starck “Master” chairs. Both of these products can be chosen in the same metal finishes which makes them easy to combine.

Third step:

Be aware of differences for metal colors! The color of brass may differ by manufacturers and two details can simply look different from each other - always compare and double check it!

What do you think about the mixed metal trend? As the last photo of the mood board picture, I included kitchen interior design. Would you try this in your own home? If you are interested for us to incorporate other specific design trends in our next post - let me know in the comment section!

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