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Black & White Wallpapers For Every Taste

Black & White Wallpapers For Every Taste
Being a very timeless, elegant and chic color combination, black & white wallpaper designs can definitely make a statement in any interior space. While a plain black or white wall can seem somehow underwhelming and cold, pattern styles starting from minimalistic to bolder designs can make all the difference for an eye-catching and modern interior look. To give an idea of how versatile a black & white wallpaper can be, in this blog post we will go through black & white wallpapers for every taste in different interior spaces.


Modern Delicate Herringbone Removable Wallpaper Bedroom Interior
If a more minimalistic, lighter and softer wallpaper design suits your bedroom interior taste, then this modern black & white wallpaper design in the bright Scandinavian bedroom interior by Amber above - Modern Delicate Herringbone Removable Wallpaper from the Scandi & Japandi Collection can be a great choice for a chic, bright and luxurious bedroom design.
Tropical Palm Leaves Removable Wallpaper In Bedroom Interior
However, if a little bolder wallpaper is in your style, then how about this tropical black & white wallpaper design -  Tropical Palm Leaves Removable Wallpaper from the Urban Jungle Collection in the gorgeous bedroom interior done by Chayce + Hannah? We love the mix of patterns and colors in this beautiful bedroom project that together create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you are interested in checking out more tropical wallpaper styles, visit our Tropical Wallpaper collection and find your perfect design. Remember all of our wallpaper designs can be made in Custom Colors.


Minimal Black And White Lines Removable Wallpaper In Bathroom Interior
Bathroom wallpaper has definitely become a trend in the past years and is still on its rise now. A black and white bathroom wallpaper can definitely create a modern look and allow you to mix it with some eye-catching bolder color decor. If you love a striped wallpaper design but want to give it a little twist, how about this Minimal Black And White Lines Removable Wallpaper from the Mid-Century Modern Collection as seen in the photo above, giving an elegant yet dazzling look.
Abstract Piano Pattern Removable Wallpaper In Bathroom Interior
Perhaps something more artistic suits your wallpaper design taste? In the photo above we can see the chic black and white bathroom interior done by  Maison Rose Interiors with our Abstract Piano Pattern Removable Wallpaper from the Mid-Century Modern Collection. To check out more bathroom wallpaper options, visit our Bathroom & Powder Room Wallpaper collection.


Black And White Wallpapered Ceiling Project
London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper In Black And Off White from the Mid-Century Modern Collection could be one of our most versatile wallpaper designs that is loved and installed in different interiors. And in the photo above, we can see the wallpaper design in the stunning office entryway project by Hammer + Harmony, that definitely wows its guests from the moment of entering with the eye-catching ceiling design. If giving your ceiling some pop of color and pattern sounds like the next wallpaper project to you, check out our How To Wallpaper A Ceiling: Best Tips To Follow blog post to learn more.
Line Art Removable Wall Mural In Office Interior
With working from home becoming more popular, creating a comfortable and inspiring home office space has also become a bigger trend. If you love an elegant and minimalistic black and white wallpaper and want to give your office space a charming accent wall, above we can see a gorgeous home office example  by  Kris to inspire from. She has used our Line Art Removable Wall Mural from the wall mural Feminine Design Collection to give the area a clean and eye-catching wall design. For more office style wallpaper designs, visit our Office Wallpaper collection.


Dotted Bohemian Kids Room Wallpaper Nursery Interior
With black and white contrasting color designs supporting baby's visual and brain development, wallpaper designs in black and white are a very popular choice for nursery interiors. If you love a bohemian style nursery design, you might just fall in love with the Dotted Bohemian Kids Room Wallpaper from the Minimal Boho Kids Room Wallpaper as seen in the nursery design above by @maisonellieinteriors.
Large Checkers Removable Wallpaper For Kid's Room Interior
You can never go wrong with a classic, simple design that can be used in different interior styles starting from minimalistic and elegant to bolder and modern styles. Above we can see our Large Checkers Removable Wallpaper For Kid's Room Interior from the Classic Kids Wallpaper collection incorporated in a fun, chic and playful black and white nursery interior by Hilary. To check out more black and white nursery wallpaper designs, visit Black And White Kids Wallpaper collection.

Living Room

African Print Removable Wallpaper
While a lighter black and white wallpaper design can give the living room a brighter atmosphere and give the illusion of the room being slightly larger, a darker black and white wallpaper design can create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the living room and make it feel slightly smaller than it is. The African Print Removable Wallpaper from the Ethnic & Tribal Wallpaper collection as seen above, can definitely create a lively and warm atmosphere in the living room where to spend time with friends and family.
Bold Art Deco Wallpaper
Art deco black and white wallpaper design is definitely a chic and elegant option to choose for a living room interior. While we offer a couple of beautiful art deco wallpaper designs, if you are looking for a luxurious art deco wallpaper design, above we can see the Bold Art Deco Wallpaper by Think Noir that can give a modern and dazzling touch to the living room interior.
 We hope this blog post showing different black and white wallpaper designs for every taste in five different spaces will give you inspiration to create your picture perfect black and white wall art.

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