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Modern Boys Room Wallpaper Collection

Airplane pattern wallpaper in boys room interior
Last year we created a wonderful Bohemian Girl's Room Wallpaper Collection and finally we have something for the boys too!
We have put together a collection of wallpapers that will give your boys room that spark that it might be missing. Continue reading this blog post to find out the key elements of the Modern Boys Room Collection and what inspired it.
Light blue herringbone wallpaper and boy with toy camera
This collection includes some of our old designs that you all love - some of which we transformed in fun new colors to give you a fresh look at the designs that maybe didn’t catch your eye at first. In addition we created some brand new wallpaper designs specially for this collection.
two wallpaper collage with blue banana leaves and rainbows


When making this collection we considered some key elements :

  • Diversity - this collection offers a vide variety of wall-covering designs to suit different tastes and interior styles. We didn’t stick to one particular theme - whether you want your boys room forest themed, ocean themed, or just want to include some simple geometric shapes - we've got you covered!

  • Sustainability - this collection includes wallpapers that will suit a wide age group. We wanted to give you patterns that neither you nor your little one will get bored with after a little time.

  • Versatility - don’t let the expression “boys collection” confine you! Of course you can and should use these wallpapers also in girls rooms and even your own room, there are no limits! We just like to group our wallcoverings in collections, so it would be easier for you to browse through our vast supply if you are looking for something specific - like in this case boys room ideas.

four wallpaper collage with comic book, yellow balloons, alphabet, coastal terrazzo wallpapers


    As mentioned above, we didn’t stick to one particular theme when making this collection, that’s why you’ll see a wide selection of patterns and different interior themes. If you are wishing to make your boys room animal themed, you’ll find various designs including safari, ocean and forest animals, and also animal prints. If you are more of a geometric shapes person, we have many patterns with lines, triangles, circles and cubes for you. But, if neither of these interest you, maybe something botanical, comic book or vehicle themed is what you are looking for?
    desert leaves wallpaper in boys room interior
    color palette for  boys room wallpaper collection


    What unifies this selection of wallpapers is the color palette. Over the years, we have noticed the colors you ask the most when purchasing wallpapers for your boys rooms and combined them with tones trending now. Green tones for fresh and natural look, yellows and ochres for bright and sunny mood, light browns and sand tones for neutral and calm interiors, blacks and greys for a contemporary feel and of course - blue - the all time winner for anything boys related.
    large checkers wallpaper in boys room interior


    We made a mood board including one of our favourite new wallpaper from this collection to inspire you whilst you are planning a brand new look for your boys room or just looking for a little freshening up. Shop the whole look below!
    national park themed wallpaper boys room mood board
    National Park Theme Removable Wallpaper is one of the brand new wall decor we created specially for this collection. Until now we only had ocean and safari animal themed wallpapers, so we thought it is time for the forest furry friends to join our repertoire as well. This mood board is our interpretation of national park themed boys room. We think this wallpaper would look great in different kinds of interiors, so let your imagination go wild!

    Shop this look:

    1. National Park Theme Pattern Removable Wallpaper - Livette’s Wallpaper
    2. Tent Twin Bed - Crate & Kids
    3. Soft Toy - H&M Home
    4. Yaya Hand-Knotted Rug - Urban Outfitters
    5. Mustard And Grey Arnot Pouf - Kave Home
    6. Flannia Gray Six Drawer Dresser - Overstock
    7. Printed Storage Basket - H&M Home
    blue whales wallpaper and two boysWe had a lot of fun coming up with Modern Boys Wallpaper Collection and we hope you’ll love it us much as we do!

    Click here to shop the full collection.
    We are always happy to read your reviews so if you have anything to say just leave a comment below!

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